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What pokémon do you wish that you would wake up as?
My first and second answer were going to be the same, but to switch it up a bit, I guess I'd like to be a Xatu. Being able to fly around would be pretty cool, and I've always figured I'd be a Psychic type Pokemon, which leads me to...

If you would be honest, what pokémon do you think it's more likely that you would be? Slowking. It's a Pokemon that's capable of human speech, it's pretty intelligent, and best of all, it still lounges around all day. So basically, I'd still be able to do most of the things that I do now, but I'd have a lot more free time on my hands.

Is there any pokémon you would absolutely not want to wake up as?
I don't think I'd be very happy as any underwater living Pokemon. It might be fun for a bit, but I just couldn't imagine spending my whole life swimming around.

I guess I wouldn't want to be any overly feminine Pokemon, either. But, I'd take being a Jynx or a Lilligant over being a Tentacool 100% of the time.