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I'm sorry :'D I hope I'm not too obnoxious...

Worked! Thank you so much!

I have a question about Delta Pokemon though. Are they essentially completely randomized? Or are there just different versions? (I have two Delta Ivysaurs, one is ghost type with Aftermath and the other is Ground type with Imposter, and with that sprite glitch I saw that there were different variations)
Is it normal you can find only one specific Pokemon per Area? (in my case Bulbasaur in that one cave in Cerulean City) Or do you encounter them at random as well?

Thank you again for your work!
1: When you turn on Delta item it makes all Pokemon you encounter Delta with a Random Type / Moves / Ability
2: The issue with Bulbasaur would be my issue to fix lol this is due to the Cave being the Delta spot when I first started adding in Delta Forms lol my bad