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    Engine: 1635 - Pokémon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels)
    Creator: Frostbite / Dewgong
    Language: English

    General plot summary.

    After months of waiting, you finally get your acceptance letter to the regional league. Finally the chance to follow in the footsteps of your brother, a great Pokémon trainer. With goal set, you begin to start your journey as a Pokémon trainer growing with each challenge. Working your way through the ranks and eventually, to the top. However, as soon as your journey begins something has happened. A disturbance has undergone, strange Pokémon trainers have been going around the region causing havoc. Their goal, however, is out of the ordinary. What it is currently is completely unknown... will it conflict with your own? Along the way you will meet people who can either aid or hinder you on your quest. There is more to them then you first thought, however.

    Project Overview
    Some general information.

    Well this is my first hack that I'll actually try to make an effort on. I'm determined to complete this hack and use the best of my abilities on it. My goal is simple - to create an entirely new and fresh Pokemon RPG using the Fire Red engine but still keep the charm of the past Pokemon RPGs. I hope to implement new features (especially D/P features) and graphics, tilesets, etc. I'll make an effort while making this hack and try to create a nice and enjoyable gameplay experience.

    Game Features
    Check out what the game has in store!

    • New Region - Entire new region of Zephyr complete with diverse areas for you to explore!
    • Many Pokémon - A good portion of the 386 ADV gen Pokémon will be obtainable.
    • Team Tundra - An entirely new "evil" team
    • D/P Features - A few features from Diamond & Pearl will be carried over.
    • Sprite Changes - Pokemon sprites from D/P will be carried over and applied to select Pokemon.
    • New Music - Tracks from R/S/E will be in this game, some entirely new ones might as well too!
    • Decapitalization - Decapitalized names of items, attacks, area names, etc.
    • Events & Sidequests - Entirely new and fresh events and sidequests to keep you busy!
    • More Trainer Battle Themes - Much like R/S/E, this hack will have several battle themes for specific Trainers.
    • Running in Buildings - Just like D/P/P!

    Screenshots & Media
    An in-depth look into the actual game itself.

    Video Playlist: (all dates in American format)
    - Trainer Battle Music Change (05/06/09)
    - Rival Battle 3: Dordoran City (11/28/09)

    People creating this hack.

    - Frostbite: Scripting, Mapper, Music Editor, Image Editor, Palette Editor
    - Drayano: Beta Tester, Quality Checker, Suggestions

    Support Banners
    Show your support!

    (Banner by *~*TwiLiTeDaRkRai*~*)
    HTML Code:
    Banner by myself (Frostbite)
    HTML Code:



    Thanks to...

    - Drayano: Suicune banner.
    - Kyledove: D/P styled cave tileset.
    - Jambo51: Trainer battle and encounter music routines.
    - JJames19119: 3rd gen physical / special attack split.

    Azure Horizons August 23rd, 2010 Beta 2 Release Notes
    Please note that the public beta only goes up to the town with the fourth gym, Hazel Town. However, there is way more done than what is released publicly!

    I'd also like to say do not even BOTHER using the walk through walls cheat (if it's still supported) because I've been very careful about maps and such. Walk through walls will not get you anywhere new.

    *Please, if there are any bugs or tile errors that occur in the game, report them immediately!
    • The beta does not fully reflect what will be in the final release. Significant changes may occur throughout the production.
    • The public beta ends in Hazel Town, however, there may be a few areas and events that you may not have noticed. (please backtrack!)
    • The only towns / cities that (should) be accessible are Greenwood, Gordian, Azure, Scarlet, Amethyst, and Hazel.
    • The only accessible gyms are the first, second, third, and fourth
    • HM01 Cut, HM05 Rock Smash, and HM06 Flash are the only HMs available in this beta.

    Download Now

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    Azure Horizons 2014
    [ Youtube ]

    Pokémon: Azure Horizons