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Seen November 13th, 2016
Posted August 3rd, 2016
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Hack name: POKEMON Rhine's secrets
Information about the hack:
This hack takes place in the region of the Rhine at the border between France, Germany and Swiss. Your story begins in the city of Bale when the Professer Franz gives you and your Sister, your first pokemon. But during the trip, she's been kidnapped by some fanatics who want to make the Rhine region independant by awakening the dark Witch Pokemon Sidonia. You will try to run through the region to solve the mysteries of it, win the 8 badges and also save your sister. This hack for moment will feature :
- Fakemons/Classic Pokemon adequate to the real region (A kind of original POKEMON GO on gba)
- Differents Landscapes (Mountains/Snow/Lake/River/Forest/Cave etc...)
- New Regions, New City, New Leaders...
- New Moves, maybe items
- New Heroes and Characters

Finished percentage: -The worldmap is create but not finished
-Two maps are done
-Many ideas

Your hacking skills: Decent mapping quality, Learn everything very fast
What help or skill you're looking for: Every kind of help would be a pleasure