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I think a large part of it is just the nature of RPs, at least in my experience. Things like reading an OOC and a character sheet are "duh" moments to me, it's the same information that the players and GMs themselves have to read to get a basic idea. Failing to include basic character information like hair color and first name are more poor writing, not indicative of a massive problem with the current roleplaying format in particular. Even then, aside from important info like name or general age, there's some leeway to be given to not immediately dumping a bunch of info in text of their character's physical traits. I know I roll my eyes when some author has an obligatory paragraph of "here's what my character looks like" or mentions the same trait over and over to make sure you get the point.

On another hand, you also mention wanting a community (seemingly in the OOC), yet also mention not wanting to have to read the OOC for information. I may be making the wrong connections here, but that paragraph just feels off to me. I agree with having a basic idea of plot and all that, so you don't need two threads open, but being nostalgic over OOC fun in the same paragraph really muddies up the message of not needing it.

As for a little jab at closed Discord sessions, I do have to admit I don't use OOCs for my communities with Discord communities around. I try and post relevant information in the OOCs, at least when I'm GMing, but when the majority of my time in discord is simply meming and occasionally discussing not super important character info, I don't really bother to transcribe it.

That's just my two cents on what immediately came to mind. I don't have an opinion on community or anything like that. I just think a lot of the difficulties that may arise from just diving in and reading come from A) Not reading what (I consider) due diligence in understanding, at least so you can start on the same page, and B) The innate difficulties of the style; it's a story written by a group of people and it's not exactly necessary to correlate the stories too heavily with one another (being multiple narratives that overlap, rather than a single unified narrative). It's an unfortunate side effect, but I don't want to force someone to make their posts fully integrated and understandable to an outsider with 0 knowledge of the RP when they are doing this for hobby and are not being paid.