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Darker Than It Seems


In the wonderful world of Pokemon, everything is just perfect isn't it? Trainers and Pokemon live in harmony, disasters caused by legendaries are somehow fixed, and the people who want to use their power for evil can never obtain those legendaries. Generally, things come out rather positive in the end.
The Pokemon world you love and care for, is much darker than it seems. People steal from Pokemarts to help feed their families because they lack the money to buy food. People raid and destroy houses and stores for the fun of it. People kill other people with their Pokemon because they can, And what do the cops have to say about this? Nothing, Do you know why? It's because more cops are bribed and blackmailed by criminals to standby and watch, or to actually involve themselves in crimes than the cops who aren't. Factors like these have always been around and only the insane can believe anything will ever be changed, because of this, people have been getting away with far more sinister deeds.


The most infamous incident that occurred in Kanto; was the Rocket Bio Crisis. Team Rocket has been researching Pokemon and child development, and has tried to implement Pokemon genes to infant humans in hopes of creating a human capable of Pokemon power. There have been many failures which lead to the death of people and Pokemon, but success was imminent. Eventually, they have succeeded in creating humans with Pokemon power in which they planned to use for world domination. Though, the success was short lived, as the people quickly broke out of the rocket hideout at young ages. Several of these people have scattered through the Kanto region, and that, has caught the media's attention. Soon, Public information of these modified humans has been displayed throughout Kanto, and given the name: Hybrids
Years have passed since the incident and though the existence of the Hybrids have been revealed, most of the world has alienated them due to their unique capabilities, and will do whatever it takes, to exterminate them.

What has happened in the RP so far.



age: (16+)
Personality: (At least 1 Paragraph)
(If you cannot provide a picture, Create 1 or more Paragraphs to describe your character's appearance)
Hybrid Trainer typing: (1 or 2; No Ghost. May have up to 3 as you grow. May be changed as well.)
Hybrid Trainer Ability: (1 or 2. May increase 1-2 times as you grow. *No weather or Legendary ability*(Excluding Pressure)*)
Hybrid Trainer Moveset: (Start with Up to 4-6 and you may have as many as you want through character development)

Pokemon team: (Minimum 1, Maximum 6; No Legendaries)
Attack execution: (Explanation in Spoiler)
[SPOILER]If you're a fire type You can spit fire
out of your mouth and such. You can also incorporate a weapon or
tool that you can hold to apply your Pokemon Typing to.
You can use ANYTHING that you can hold in your hand.
You can use ANYTHING you're wearing as a weapon.
Just be creative.


1: Follow the general RP rules.
2: This is rated [M] so be mature.
3: Swearing is allowed but don't do it in every sentence.
4: Romance of any kind is allowed but don't go past first base.
First base – mouth-to-mouth kissing, especially French kissing;

5: RolePlayers CAN fight each other. (It's actually suggested)
6: No God Modding.
"God Modding" is in essence when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. And example is when they simply cannot be HARMED BY any and all means other RolePlayers try.

-It can be killing or injuring a character without the player's express permission.
-It can be when they simply can’t be hit and dodge all attacks or anything for this matter aimed at them.
-It can also be using other characters that other people RP with. In other words, if you do not RP as
Legolas, then you cannot have Legolas say anything, or do anything, without the player's express permission.

The absolute worst is when they make out another character to be what they’re not, just to make their own character seem superior. They make others seem weak, screaming for help, when they’ve made it quite clear about their advantages and strengths. This is called power-play. It’s a strain of God-Modding, but instead of just being irritating, it’s offensive to boot.
This is a prime example of God Modding:

Player A: Punches Player B
Player B: Dodges attack, grabs Player A and throws him. Player A flies into a building and Player B warps in front of him and slashes Player A in the stomach.

7: do not kill off a Roleplayer Unless they tell you to.
8: If a player tells you to kill them, you don't have to, but if you do, the Roleplayer killed CAN be brung back to life, but one of their types changes to ghost, affecting their current character's abilities. This is the ONLY way to become a ghost type, however, the downfall of this, is that The GM(Me) Will decide your moves AND ability after you become a ghost type.
9: You can have Pokemon in the PC, However, You start off with none. Just remember to keep track of all your PC Pokemon. No more than 10.

==========MY SIGNUP==========

Name: Gray
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Personality: He's rather strict and some would call him uptight. He's serious and he doesn't let his emotions cloud his judgement. He does what he wants and gives little to no regard of the law or the people around him. He's "Cold hearted" and lacks empathy, Sympathy and Compassion. HOWEVER he treats his Pokemon with respect and if there is a person he respects, He usually like to challenge them repeatedly.

Hybrid trainer typing: Electric, Fighting
Hybrid trainer abilities: Volt Absorb and Pressure
Hybrid trainer moveset: Close Combat, Thunder Punch,Thunderbolt, Glare, Fusion Bolt, Bolt Strike
Pokemon Team: Unknown

Attack execution: He lets the Blue lightning stored within him release for a bit. Then, He points at any target and the Lightning WILL go after it with full force. However, When He's exerting too much Power, He losses control of it. The electricity, seems to have formed a mind of its own. And generally Will do what Gray says, However, if the lightning feels striking an opponent unworthy, It will purposefully miss the Target. He can also form electric blades that he can wield.


Present and Future Topics of the RP revealed!

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