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Originally Posted by R.F. View Post
Fortunately I can dualboot (Arch and Win7), so if something goes wrong I can boot my Win7. That's what I do at the moment until NVIDIA solves the issue. I also have a VM on my Windows partition with Gentoo on it. I've been thinking for a while, if I should buy a desktop pc next time. I think I'd rather install Gentoo on it, even though it would be a really hard thing to do (at least harder than Arch). On the other hand there's Steam and all the stuff I bought, so I guess it will always be a dualboot system for me (even though Win8 seems to be not as good as Win7, at least that's what I've heard).

I like Win7 but sometimes I wish it would be as easy to use as Linux... using a Windows UI takes so long and annoys me really easy xD
Windows 8.1? Wait for that. (You might want to get an upgrade copy of Windows 8 right now and upgrade your Windows 7 installation, since it'll be easily to keep everything all the way to 8.1 that way, though you'll probably lose access to the Linux installation.)

Heh, ease of use of user interfaces tend to vary wildly depending on what you started out. If you started computing with Windows, Windows' way of handling things would be... butter. Same for OS X and stuff like that.

I'm pretty fine with Windows and OS X. Most Linux distributions, though...