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This looks interesting. I'll try something new, see if I like it.

Name: Rex Dart

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Personality: Rex wants nothing more than to live a simple life: play with his friends, eat whenever and whatever he wants, sleep out under the stars. Unfortunately, the world is far too dark for such a simple dream. There is too much corruption and evil in the world, so he does what he can to stop it. He's generally a jolly guy, who enjoys having fun, and he considers fighting evil to be necessary. He also finds fighting lots of fun, and throws himself into the fray with an honest smile on his face.

Appearance: A massively muscled mountain of a man, standing 7' 4" with black hair, hazel eyes, and tanish skin. His usual attire consists of a gray shirt, black pants, black combat boots, and a leather jacket.


Hybrid Trainer typing: Fighting/Dragon

Hybrid Trainer Ability: Defiant, Technician

Hybrid Trainer Moveset: Dragon Breath, Bulk Up, Arm Thrust, Storm Throw, Flamethrower, Superpower

Pokemon team: Tyrantrum , Hawlucha , Blaziken

Attack execution: Primarily a Fighting type, he fights with grapples and strong punches. He has the heart of a Dragon, and can tap into his Ki to power himself up, which manifests as a cobalt colored aura. He can exhale a stream of Ki energy, though using it leaves him with heartburn.

Dragon Breath: Rex exhales a cobalt blue stream of gas, empiwered bu his ki energy. The gas has a slight chance to paralyze anyone it comes into contact with.

Bulk Up: Rex focuses his ki energy into strengthening his body, making his muscles swell and his skin turn into charcoal-gray scales similar to a dragon's.

Arm Thrust: Rex increases his speed with a burst of ki, shoving at the opponent two to five times in a rapid rush.

Storm Throw: Rex grabs the opponent, using his great strength and knowledge of grappling to throw them.

Flamethrower: Tapping into the power of his Dragon heart, Rex ignites the gas he uses in Dragon Breath, exhaling a stream of fire.

Superpower: Rex clasps his hands together to increase the strength of his punches, swinging his fists like a sledgehammer. Upon striking a target, he releases a burst of ki energy, increasing the damage at the cist of his own strength and durability.

His Defiant ability boosts his strength whenever another of his stats is lowered, his anger at being weakened automatically pushing more ki energy into his muscles.

His Technician ability is simply the result of his training. Due to his slow speed and high strength, he has learned to apply more strength to smaller areas with weak attacks. His stronger attacks do not gain this benefit, as they are not as easy to control.