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Adrian Frode

Adrian heard the soft thud of feet hitting the sand and turned to see a seemingly young man with dyed blonde hair and a cigar standing there, wearing attire that was somewhat formal despite the heat. It took a while for Adrian to realise that the man was in fact Spencer Holden, his partner for the mission. Adrian had never directly worked with Spencer although he knew of him, Spencer was well known to a few reapers due to the unusual way in which his reaper powers had manifested in him.

"I'm going to take a shot in the dark and assume that you are my partner, Adrian."
"That would be me. Clearly I'm not quite as well known as you are." Adrian considered the situation for a moment before deciding he should let Spencer know about the current situation "the demon has been heading to my left for a little while now at a fairly slow pace, it is doubtful that it is overly fast but it has a fairly bulky build so it looks like it may be quite physically strong... not to mention it has those nasty horns. Honestly I could have easily caught up to it by now, as most any reaper could have, but I figure it is an unknown enemy that even the Grims seem to know little about so I figured I should wait for you."

Adrian stifled a yawn, the unfortunate thing about being immortal was that it was hard to keep a trace on your own limitations when in the thick of battle and that one could often find themselves being tired surprisingly early. In his last battle he had fought against four separate Harbingers, three for an extended period of time as well as a horde of vampires, it was needless to say that whilst he had mostly recovered physically he was still tired from the battle.
"Honestly I don't know what the Grims were thinking sending me on this mission, my last one was insane. It seemed to be straight forward enough but throughout the course I ended up fighting against a few too many harbingers. I'm exhausted... but they are ancient and wise so I figure either I'm supposed to be a sacrificial pawn or that they think I have something special to bring to the mission. Sorry for asking, but what was your last mission like? I figure it is a good idea to ascertain the conditions of allies as well as the enemy. Speaking of which... how would you like to go about this demon of ours? From what I hear you are highly effective close-range, which is the area I'm best in also... although I have some decent mid to long-range spells and can cover distance quite quick. Should we just take the brute force approach do you think?

Adrian waited for the other reaper's reply, hoping not to have upset him since his temper was supposedly rather unpleasant... honestly though... Adrian liked the guy so far, temperament or not.
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