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    This might stir up new ideas for People around the world I think?

    Originally Posted by WeavileCY View Post
    Wow, thanks a lot! :) If it downloads successfully then I will try and make a Pokemon Emerald remake for DS! I love game editing! I will be sure to try and make it as authentic as possible - detail is key! I have a two week holiday to kill and I think that this will be a fun challenge, thanks Spikey!
    Since, I'm making BlazeRuby, and Team Fail is making AquaSapphire, you add-on is awesome, most of us all mikelan98 is making the Magma Ruby and Sapphire Aqua in his version.

    I'm releasing the demo, after I make my video, and I still need some script files from Team Fail.
    Plus, Spiky's doing a great job, atm all we need is building bug fixed....
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