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    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    Is it in Meteor Falls?
    It definitely is. But it's also quite easy to find in there. Like, it stands out among all the other crap that's usually in there :P

    Originally Posted by impmon22 View Post
    THE EGG IS THE MOST BADASS POKEMON EVER BTW im stuck at rustbo cant find the surf badge or the cut hm
    Go north of the gym. There you'll see a short cutscene with Gleis and Dantalion. After that, go talk to Gleis. Follow the route there east to Rusturf Tunnel, and help Gleis close the portal. Then go to where Verdanturf Town was, and you'll fight Pestilence (I think, forgot the name). Then you go south into the Endless Plains. There you find HM01, Cut. After you get that, go back to Rustboro and go north. Cut the tree, and loot the dead man for a Magikarp. It is holding HM03, Surf. The Balance Badge is also a little north, with that girl on the beach.
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