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    I'd absolutely LOVE to see a 3D survival/MMORPG-type game where you control a single pokemon (no trainers), like in Mystery Dungeon, with real time battles.

    I actually have loads of ideas for this, both for storyline and gameplay.

    Pokémon weren't always like this. They used to be peaceful creatures, and so were Humans. Millennia ago, both species lived in harmony, helping and bolstering each other, Pokémon with their raw power and wisdom, Humans with their ingenuity and craftiness. They were inseparable. But... all good things must come to an end. A rogue group of Humans, cast out of the peaceful society due to their nefarious ways, began to plot and scheme to capture the Pokémon's power to themselves. For many years they remained hidden, and thus they were forgotten by the others. But they never stopped working towards their goal. After two centuries, their plan was set in motion: they had built the Pokéball. But this wasn't the regular Pokéball you'd find on a store today. No, this abomination enslaved the mind of the Pokémon and drained its power to the Human which the Pokéball had imprinted itself on.

    Thus what's called "The Great Hunt" had began. The rogue Humans began relentlessly hunting Pokémon, capturing them on their vile devices and adding their power to their own. Eventually, they reached the society they were cast out from and, in the dead of the night, captured all the Pokémon there and coerced the remaining Humans into servitude shortly after. Or so they thought. The Humans had forgotten the rogue group, but the Pokémon had not. The circle of elders, the epitome of strength and sapience in Pokékind, had noticed the change in the world due to the Pokémon being captured and twisted and had actually detected the evil-doers entering their sanctuary. However, they realized they were surrounded and outclassed. So, with great grief for abandoning their good Human partners, they all agreed to flee. The Psychic-type elder in the group, Mazakala, gathered his strength and teleported them all to safety. As they arrived, they began calling out for the remaining Pokémon to join them and inform them of the Human menace. Meanwhile, Mazakala began to scour the land for the captured Pokémon until he found the place where they were being held. When he did, his spoons creaked in sorrow: nearly all the Pokémon there had gone mad and the ones that hadn't were soon to be. He decided to focus on the ones that could still be saved, a plan forming on his formidable brain. He imbued them with some of his psychic energy so they could withstand the pain but then he gave them something much more important: hope.

    Years passed, then decades. The Humans believed themselves to be the kings of the world, but little did they know the foundations of their kingdom were slowly being eaten from the inside: the strong-willed Pokémon that had been captured and then blessed by Mazakala were slowly regaining their strength, even inside the evergy-draining device. Soon, his plan would come to fruition. It had seemed the Humans had underestimated the Pokémon in their greed and lust for power. The circle of elders were creating safe havens for all the Pokémon types in preparation of what was to come.

    Then, exactly 721 moons after the Humans' merry rampage, it began. All the still-sane captured Pokémon released their pent-up energy and broke their bindings, freeing them from the restraining devices. (This is where the game starts) Then, they blasted their way through the fortress they were in and followed the directions given to them by Mazakala, where they could start anew. The Humans detected the burst of energy and tried to get the Pokémon back, but when they arrived at ground zero, they were already gone.

    Ok so that's the story. XD The rest will be the "blank slate" the other Pokémon games start with. As for gameplay, I was thinking of faction based pvp: One of the factions is the Pokémon that escaped the fortress plus the elders that are trying to "overthrow" the Humans. This is where the "Mystery Dungeon" and survival gameplay will come in. The other faction is the group of Humans trying to get back the Pokémon. This will be the classic trainer-based Pokémon game, sort of. Its still 3D, real time battles. Both factions are playable. I think this game model has a lot of flexibility and there are a lot of things that can be created around it.

    I have more ideas, but this is probably already a huge wall of text, so I'll ask for everyone's opinion first. What do you guys/girls think?
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