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    Here is an idea that i never plan on using:
    A game where you are a Son/Daughter of a Hiker. As a kid you would always go hiking in the mountains by yourself against your Dad's wishes; when you reach the top of the mountain you would be overcome with a feeling of freedom and joy, from seeing the world from up so high. However one day it began snowing but only lightly so you believing everything is fine still go to the mountain to climb to the top. As you reach the top a huge snow storm begins, you lose your way and start experiencing hypothermia. Just then you are rescued by Articuno and it brings you to the bottom of the mountain saving your life. Forever grateful you always visit the mountain every winter to leave treats for Articuno.

    However a decade later some individuals who are up to no good Come to the mountain to capture your rescuer. Angered by this you take your Geodude that you got as a present from your dad and attempt to fight of these criminals. Unsuccessful however you lose to these villains though you did buy enough time for Articuno to escape. The Criminals leave to chase after Articuno. you then seek out a way of becoming stronger.

    You hear of an ancient challenge that used to be taken to become stronger. this challenge includes collecting five items (Haven't thought of yet). one in a big mountain, one in the depths of the ocean, one in a giant forest, one in a tower in the desert , the final one can be in some house owned by an old guru.

    That's all i got little cheesy lol.
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