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    My favorite route would be Route 213 and also Valor Lakefront because of the calming music. The houses and the seaside makes the whole area soothing.

    My second favorite route would be Route 206 because not only is it a gate to the Cycling Road, it also has a rather beautiful landscape and music (also because I favor the Mystery Zone's music theme)

    Favorite town would be Floaroma Town, because it's a really colorful and beautiful town with lots of flowers with variant colors. Not to mention, its night music is really calm and soothing, and the exchanging of Berries for the decorations for the contests make it better.

    City would be Snowpoint because of how snowy it is (and because our country doesn't snow at all ;-; ) and because the music is so....... snowy. Like the sleigh bells and the harps and the... sigh it's so calming.

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