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Pokemon Platinum:

Currently have 5 badges, and received an egg that contains a Poliwag, so I can do fun stuff. I just crushed my rival and I have a surprisingly good team to beat. Currently:

Levels & Moves:

Wormadam Level 37
-Hidden Power (Dark)
-Bug Bite
-Mirror Shot

Gliscor Level 38
-Faint Attack
-Swords Dance
-Thunder Fang

Torterra Level 42
-Razor Leaf

Flareon Level 39
-Quick Attack
-Sunny Day

Soul Silver:

I currently have all 8 badges, and am contemplating on just killing Lugia, because catching it such a bother (I caught Raikou with a master ball). I'm also training because I'm completing my team finally. Currently:

Levels & Moves:

Crobat Level 39
-Poison Fang
-Air Cutter

Feraligatr Level 40
-Surf (Soon switching this out for Waterfall)
-Ice Fang

Mamoswine Level 38
-Ice Shard
-Icy Wind
-Mud Bomb

Togekiss Level 37
-Shadow Ball

Tauros Level 37
-Horn Attack
-Zen Headbutt
-Whirlpool (temporary)
-Iron Tail

Lucario Level 20 (Yay early happiness!)
-Bone Rush
-Force Palm

I'm so organized =D