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    Not sure if I have the right to do this... but I'll write of my opinions. It's just my personal thoughts... so I wish no one criticizes them too harshly...

    Not in any particular order

    1. Flora Sky
    Pros: Good Scripting. Engaging Storyline.
    Cons: ...I'm not too sure. I liked Flora Sky... but not 'loved' it. There is something in this hack I didn't really like... but I can't remember it atm... :O (One thing was that it was difficult to figure out what to do next after I finished one event...)

    2. Light Platinum
    Pros: Excellent Graphics and Tiles. Two Regions (wow!).
    Cons: Boring Storyline... and I seriously got fed up with some people saying the same thing over and over again in cities and towns. The Gyms' layouts and the Legendary Pokemon lairs were tediously designed too...

    3. Snakewood
    Pros: Unique and engaging storyline and theme (Zombies... :O wow!).
    Cons: RUBY TILES... (but still it was actually quite good!). Too Many 'secrets' (I know most people like to uncover extra secrets (e.g locations of Shaderu, the Item Key Chain etc.) on their own... but I SUCK AT THEM, so it was frustrating for me to figure all those out... (to be honest... I still haven't figured out most of them yet)

    4. Ruby Destiny: Life of Guardians
    Pros: Lovely Tiles. Cool Storyline. Very Engaging.
    Cons: The Bad-Normal-Good Feature. It is unique, but that means I have to play the game three times to cover all the aspects of the game... which I don't really like.

    Overall... I would say LoG > Snakewood > Flora Sky > Light Platinum... but that's just my opinion :)

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