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Intermittent Fasting is something, from experience, that shouldn't be done on a permanent basis, but on top of that it needs to be done properly and certainly doesn't work for everyone. (I'll be shortening Intermittent Fasting to IF for the remainder of my post)

Almost 100% of the time I would recommend IF for people wanting to put on lean muscle mass. I wouldn't use it to just lose weight, although it will help with keeping you lean. I think where many people go wrong is that they look at IF and go, well then I'll just skip breakfast! This is wrong. breaking your fast (or breakfast) isn't skipped. You still break your fast but you do so later in the day. You shouldn't skip any meals ideally, and as I mentioned before, I believe you should be doing this if you're looking to build muscle, heavy weight training is highly recommended. This isn't saying you need to lift a huge weight, but you need to be doing weight heavy enough in relevance to your level of muscle/strength. Again I will stress if you're looking to just keep weight off, IF isn't going to be good for a LOT of people. It also isn't a sustainable process for many of us.

My typical plan during a cycle of IF would be to push my first meal beyond 1pm, and try not to eat after 10pm. You shouldn't worry about it being perfect, sometimes youll eat a bit before your goal of pushing it back and sometimes you'll eat later than you should. Not a problem, we're humans and not robots. We aren't perfect and as long as you're not missing your times every day and really screwing up there won't be much impact.

When it gets to to my time to break the fast, I'm looking to eat a fairly substantial meal. The idea of IF isn't for you to cut out food, it's to limit the times you eat food (unless you want to be in a calorie deficit, which there is no problem as long as your deficit isn't huge). After my first meal, personally, I eat another 2 meals. A smaller meal in the middle, and my personal favourite, a massive final meal. If I couldn't fit the small meal in between my 1st and 3rd meals, I would eat a small meal before my fast ends.

Now the above method won't work for everyone and is only a small insight into my own personal plan during an IF cycle. I know people who would eat 5-6 meals during their fast periods, people who ate only 2 meals that were both huge. Whatever works for the individual as long as you're still eating enough food. That's the thing here, I see a lot of people go wrong because instead of pushing back their first meal, the SKIP the meal without replacing it with another meal. This doesn't work, you still need to be eating the right amounts of food. IF also isn't a "I can skip (which we should never do) my breakfast and only eat 2 meals and I can eat poorly for some of these meals and be fine because IF is amazing." This also won't work properly and you still need a healthy balance of the right foods for your body.

Lastly, I mentioned before I don't believe it's sustainable for most people. Sure there will be people who can do it for months and months, sometimes over a year, but from my experience and from talking to friends and gym buddies who have used IF, it just isn't sustainable and shouldn't be what you're doing every day for your life.

This is my opinion and experience with Intermittent fasting. I'm sure there will be people who agree with parts, and disagree with parts, of what I said which is cool. I respect everyone's own opinion and experiences as well. I thought I would just throw out there what I have to say on the matter since this is one of very few topics I can post about.
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