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Honestly, even though I worked with beta testing the english release of Light Platinum, the fanbase is really out of control with noobs and such so it doesn't really get my the hack was cluttered with random useless rival battles

Fireworks stole what I was gonna say about Flora Sky so I won't even bother commenting on that.The Victini event wasn't that bad though.

Life of Guardians...well come on, if it doesn't win at least get it to second place, the story was fun and that hack was one of the most fun games I ever played, and come on, it's been in third place for two years, right? It might get my vote.

Snakewood is just one of the best hacks out there in my opinion, and it has R/S/E tiles!A hack that still has the same tiles that might win hack of the year (not to mention it's ruby tiles) it would be amazing. So it might get my vote.

In other words, Light Platinum fans are too over the top, Flora Sky just confuses me,Life of Guardians either needs to win or get out of third place, and Snakewood has bland ruby tiles but the story makes up for it. :)
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