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Posted April 20th, 2020
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Ok, I haven't played this yet, but looking at your features list, I can't really see what exactly makes this different from other remakes?

Complete recreation of almost everything imaginable; sprites, sound, maps, events, and text all are almost perfect copies of their GBC counterparts, only slightly updated
Oro Sole? Not released yet, plus things are much different in fact
May be based off of Emerald, but most things are taken from FireRed, including sprites, tiles, battle graphics, font, animations, ...
Pure Gold? Nowhere near this close to finishing
Day/Night system; while not being the most original thing in the hack, it allows for more sense of realism
Almost a hundred hacks out there? Yeah...
No more Wally w/Zigzagoon against Ralts! Events like that have been ASM'd to resemble Crystal as much as possible
Not really much of a feature just a slight moderation to make it more like a remake. I guess, but it's better than Crystal Shards and discolored Wally
Ruins of Alph puzzles... in Emerald! While the colors aren't correct, the rest of it sure is
Played that in Liquid Crystal before, and I'm sure Oro Sole and Pure Gold will have it too.I know that it's not much...
Scripts are made to the best of my ability; no more exclamation mark without the sound!
Cool. Yeah.
No sound glitches; this hack uses 0xFF free space, and uses the built-in FR voicegroups
I'm pretty sure a lot of hacks have no sound glitches. Not many Emerald-based ones don't
have sound glitches

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Cool. I think this is even better than crystal shards. You havn't changed the world map in the pokedex yet though
Yes, I still have yet to do that.
Restarted and revamped.

Coming soon...