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Ok but I don't see why make another remake. I'll quote a vm I sent to someone on another forum, after they said something about Pure Gold being one of the only hacks they follow.
Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and I mean no disrespect to anyone.
It's in the progressing hacks showcase. I've tested it and it's a really great hack, the only bugs I found were a few small grammatical errors. Pure Gold....I'm not really too fond off. I mean, there isn't really a point, the only types of people who ever make remakes are either the really amazing hackers who can do ASM and stuff and make a bunch of tools, or the obsessed fanboys/fangirls who want to be the next Zel, or Gamefreak. The creators. After their remake, I can't really see a point in others. In fact, although Shiny Gold wasn't that good, I don't really see a point in remakes at all anymore
. It's like if someone makes a hack about Mewtwo attacking someones father, and a kid wants to find the Pokemon while on his Pokemon adventure, just to get his revenge and make his dad proud, all because they wanted to copy me (although I can't exactly see that happening anyway). Yes, I made Shining Platinum, but that was really just a small practice hack (hence all the bad jokes), to practice for my old hack, which failed (It's Pokemon Iron And Stone and it's in the crapbox if you still have the link and want something to laugh at). Also, most remakes are the same nowadays except with either "Brand new ASM features, because I can ASM hack, therefore I'm better than you!" or ""nyoo rivel", and it just gets really boring. The only "Original" remake I've seen, was Liquid Crystal, because it had so many extra features and sidequests. Other than that, they all really bore me now, no matter how much ASM or nyoo rivels they have.
What I'm saying is, do you have an imagination? If so, use it. Because people only make remakes because Zel did it, even GameFreak made theirs for crying out loud, and people STILL do it, because they want to copy Zel. Remakes have no originality at all, because the exact same thing has been done a million times.