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Posted January 20th, 2018
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Looks very nice (I too am very happy to see a continuation of sorts for toxic purple), but one thing that worries me is that letting you steal Pokemon from any trainer would devalue actually finding and catching them a lot. Maybe this is your intention, but I think catching and raising Pokemon, evolving them and making them your own is one of the biggest draws of Pokemon. What's the point of that when you can upgrade them whenever you want because you see a trainer has some cool Pokemon? If you want to change your team it should at least take some effort in the form of finding a good Pokemon, catching it then grinding it up to the level of your team. It also trivialises difficulty because you'd have a massive pool of all different types of Pokemon to fall back on in case of a difficult battle. I get stealing Pokemon is an important thing for a team rocket hack but there needs to be a way to severely limit it, or encourage people not to do so. Like maybe the more Pokemon you steal, the more "infamy" you will gain and bad things will start to happen. Just a potential idea.

But anyways, disregarding that little rant I still really like the look of this hack. There's definitely a lot of room to be creative in a rocket hack, I hope you can pull it off well! Good luck!