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Originally Posted by SkittishHeart View Post
After some time of stalking this thread, I've finally mustered enough guts to post an intro sort of thing. So, um, hello. :3 I'm pretty new to this forum but not to role-playing. I wish to improve my writing skills through RPs, so here I am. :D Anyway, will the casual RP that you guys were talking about still happen? Oh, and Akio? I'm interested in your RP as well.
HELLO! I'm the moderator of the Roleplay Corner and I welcome you with open arms! :D :D :D

Like dearest Red said, it's always great to see new faces and new talent! If you have any questions about anything, I'm usually the best person to ask, but I'm sure any of my lackeys are happy to help as well (like they've said ;D). And I'm a cool girl guy too so if you just want to talk about anything, y'know... *thumbs up*.

@WestsideConnection Harvest Moon RPs will probably never work, imho. Perhaps Rune Factory because they usually have an underlying storyline but Harvest Moon? Nooope. D:

*skulks back to homework*