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I really like this thing. I'm glad it matches the final picture Serebii showed cause that's the one I liked the most. I really hope that it's a Grass/Dark cause to me it looks like it's sort of evil or posses.

Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
they look more like old-school Digimon than Pokémon. :\
I dunno. That's just me. :3
I honestly don't get why everyone is saying it "looks like a Digimon". Even after looking at Digimon such as "Woodmon" and "Cherrymon" I still don't see much resemblance. Oorotto looks much more slender and a bit taller than both of those Digimon and it has fewer foliage. I think it's distinctive enough to not resemble any Digimon too much. Not similar enough in my opinion.

Besides, there shouldn't be a stereotype or set definition of what either a Pokemon or a Digimon should look like. That should be up to their respective creators.
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