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The way I see it, everybody needs a bit of strength training and aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise gets the blood flowing, strengthens the heart, and generally makes you more fit. Strength training for you, I think is a must because you're getting atrophy from the chemo, and so building muscle will be a good way to fight that. There are people on the internet who say that you shouldn't be going to the gym because you won't be able to build muscle anyways - I'm not a medical professional, but I feel they're missing the point as you want to slow down or prevent muscle and bone loss. Oh, that's another one, aerobic exercises will help with bone mass as well.

I'm not sure where you are fitness-wise and how the chemo's doing you, but walking and running for me are the basics and I do them very often. I looked up Manchester on google maps and saw that there are lots of bike lanes that go alongside rivers too, so it's a lot better than Toronto cuz I cycle under power lines lol. That's basically all I know and do for aerobic exercise, walking, running, and cycling.

As for strength training I don't do weights but I think I'm still benefiting from what I'm doing so maybe it can work for you too. Pushups, crunches, squats, things like that which you can do at home. I'm on this program to help motivate me: and there's a whole set of these hundred challenges done by these guys so hopefully it'll be a blast! It's really neat though because they ramp up the difficulty so you can really look at how much progress you've been making. And you can always do a variation of whatever exercise you're doing so it's not as hard on your body.

As for eating, you want to gain muscle and so you'll have to eat more calories. The best thing I can think of right now is starting with milk (unless you don't like milk or are lactose intolerant). Chemo really messes up with your body regulation and you might have a lower appetite, but consuming your calories through liquids may get around that :P I think it's a great workout drink though, because you have protein, fat, and sugars, as well as liquids and minerals so you have all everything you need to refill that you might've lost during the workout (liquids, minerals, fats and sugars) as well as protein to help you gain muscle.

You should first talk to your doctor about this though. You sound like you're pretty fit already, but it always helps to have a medical professional do you a once over. If there's any advice I can give you, it's just listen to your body. The worst thing that can happen to you fitness-wise is suffering from an injury, because it'll slow down your progress and especially because I'd imagine chemo to be slowing down your ability to recover from an injury. Don't be afraid to push yourself, but don't forget to take a rest when your body says it needs it. I don't think I've fully learned that lesson yet, because I always want to push onwards when I think I'm doing well, just to overwork myself and get injured for a week or two :P

All the best though, and good luck! You can continue to post here if you'd like so you can keep track of your progress, in fact I'd kinda like it cuz I don't want it to be just Kura and I posting here all the time :P If it was tl;dr, I think you can take away two things. Eat more, and listen to your body. And talk to your doctor about it, but he'll probably be supportive.

Stay fit and keep that cancer in remission!