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I'm kinda new to Git and still learning so please bear with me. For me, the moment I have done step 3, there are merges that need attention before I can move on to step 4, none of which are the merges mentioned in step 5. If I skip step 1 and 2 and directly clone the battle_engine_v2 branch, then pull in the pokemon_expansion branch, I once again get a whole list of merges that need attention, none of which are the ones addressed in step 5.

I've read through the basics of the Git documentation and I think I understand the concepts of cloning, pulling, merging etc. but as far as merging goes, it tells you how but not why. Why do we fix those particular merge conflicts that aren't even listed as conflicts and not any of the others? How does one know which files need special attention and which ones don't? Clearly some people here just understand how without needing to be told, like the person that wrote this small guide. So there must be something obvious that I'm missing here. Any help?
Presumably what's happening here is Egg's repos have been updated since Lunos wrote that guide, so now there are a different set of merge conflicts to resolve. When you're merging you'll always need to resolve all the conflicts for a successful merge; you can't pick and choose which ones need resolving and which ones don't. Conflicts happen when you have differences between two versions of a file and git can't figure out which version it should keep, so it asks you to decide instead. Usually it's pretty straightforward to figure out which changes you want to keep, but if you get stuck you can always ask here or over on pret's discord.