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    Thanks for answering Cyro_349's question ~*Pikfan*~.

    Sorry, for lack of posting this week, but at least I've got good news. Here's the good news
    • I've been doing the bank script, bit by bit over the week so I'm checking for mistakes as I go. The bank script is almost complete, I just have a little bit left to go.
    • I've managed to fix my problem when inserting pokemon into the empty gaps. So I might delay myself slightly to insert them and have gible as another starter.
    • I've decided to re-do the way you'll recieve your first Pokemon. I don't want to give too much info away, I'll just say that it'll be a different way that I haven't seen in another hack before. there anything else I want to say..?
    Oh, yes, since in all my attempts at indexing sprites Pokemon sprites, I've had no luck and they've all come out terribly. So if anyone can help me with that, I would be very grateful.
    That's all for now.