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Edit: I have added you to the list Sonata. Is it bad I never realised you take part in RPs? xD
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Truth be told this will be my first text only rp. The excitement grows. And I'm upset that there's a big bad named Jedediah since I had the thought to name my character Jebediah, but I worked it out I think. I'll pretty this up with some css later and maybe beef up the personality section since it's somewhat wimpy. And hopefully my scenario is good enough. I didn't really know what to put down so if I've missed anything throughout just point it out and I'll get on it. Also is a book just an item of power that supplies the user with the spells they're casting or do you have to read the spell every time you cast it?


Name: Jebediah Sanders
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Status: Bounty Hunter


A hard working bounty hunter with a flair for the dramatic. At his core he wishes to uphold peace but he can't help but gamble away his life just like any other fool. Once he chooses a target he won't stop pursuing them until the job is done.

He profusely refuses to harm a female and will actually do just about anything that they ask of him. There have been instances in when he has been ordered to kill a woman, which caused him to go berserk and kill everyone that was a male and in attendance.

He follows in his father's footsteps as an enforcer of the law, but follows his own principles and prefers to take action himself rather than sit as a judge like his father. He will not hesitate to shoot a man he thinks may be dangerous which has led to many bar fights caused by he himself. But due to his father's legacy he gets off quick.


A tall man standing an even 6 foot. Too many close encounters with death have left him with multiple scars. Grey streaks have started invading his slicked back hair that he covers with a cowboy's hat which has a sheriff's badge pinned to it. His left ear is missing a chunk that was shot out on his first day working as a bounty hunter nearly 10 years ago. He has a set of two earrings in his right ear in roughly the same place where the hole is on his left. Part of his cheek is missing giving it a caved in look and he is always either smoking a cigar or chewing some tobacco.

He wears a dusty red and black trench coat with assorted furs sewn together beneath it. He is proficient with the two revolvers that he carries with him as well as the old worn out captain's sword that his father gave to him when he passed away.

Element: Air


- Dual .45 revolvers (Mr. Truth is a typical 6 shot, Rey is an experimental 18 shot)


- Captain's sword

3 Stock Spells:

- Hex of Pain
- Elemental Shield - Air
- Summon small object

2 Custom Spells:

Tunnel Shot - air

Whenever Jebediah shoots a gun (more proficient with revolvers) he can use this spell to controller the direction of the shot up to a certain range. But as he grows more powerful the range increases.


This spell enhances the muscles or the senses of the body or mind and gives you a chance to either physically move faster or to react/notice something faster.


Case 13946
Scarlet Pore [deceased]
Status: Closed

Case 11781
Jebediah and Ricky [unknown]
Status: Open

This report was found in the hand of Ms. Scarlet Pore who was found with a bullet hole in her head outside of The Chasm.

My name is Scarlet Pore, this is my report. I had been tailing Jebediah on his mission to find Ricky "The Ricochet" for nearly three months. This was tasked to me by Janet as my first mission ever as a bounty hunter. Tonight Jebediah finally managed to track down Ricky. They're inside of a small shack on the edge of (scribbled out). I'm going to get as close as I can and try to listen in on the conversation. (the rest of the report has either been burned or is soaked in blood)

"Hey! Hey! Wake up you sonuvarattata!" Jebediah was yelling at Ricky who was sitting bound to a chair.

Jebediah had nearly had his head lopped off by Ricky a mere few hours before when he first entered the cabin. Ricky had finally noticed he was being tailed and had feigned going to sleep and then waited for Jebediah to come in so that he could kill him, however Jebediah had dodged and knocked him out by hitting his temple with the butt of one of his revolvers.

"The hell d'ya want?" Ricky spat back.

"Well, I need some information son. See now, I know that you've been workin' with Jedediah Rush. And so I know that you know where he is. And I'ma need that information."

"You can go to hell for all I care, I ain't given you nuthin." Ricky snorted and pulled up a mouthful of snot and spat it right in Jeb's face.

"Oh you done it now son." Jebediah said as he took the sheets from the bed and wiped his face off. "Now I'ma have to kill ya."

Jebediah walked over to his coat which he had taken off to tie up Ricky and pulled out a package of chewing tobacco stuffing a big piece in his lip.

"Now, we can do this the easy way, or we can do it the fun way Ricky. Which would you prefer?"

"I prefer the way where you let me up outta this here chair and I kick your ass."

"Tsk tsk tsk. Ya know, I had honestly thought we might've been able to work somethin' out. Ya see, I only have two handfuls'a friends as it is now." Jebediah said as he turned towards Ricky. "I've got lil miss Rey," he shook his left hand which held one of his revolvers, "and I've got Mr. Truth." He said as he shook his right hand which held his other revolver. "Mr. Truth just loves to make new friends and unfortunately for you, you're on his list."

"The hell are ya gonna do? Shoot me? You ain't the first mista. I can handle my fair share of pain."

"Well that'll be perfect then won't it Mr. Truth." He said as he looked over at his right hand which he started shaking up and down. "Ohhhhh man now yous'a getting Mr. Truth all excited, I think I'll let Mr. Truth have all the fun tonight."

Jebediah put down Rey on the table and walked over to where Ricky was sitting, pulling up the only other chair in the room and sitting across from him.

"Before I let Mr. Truth have his fun, I'm going to give you one more chance." Jebediah said as he opened the cylinder of the revolver and removed all but one bullet. "You and me is gonna play a game. I ask you a question and then you answer it. If you don't answer it I'll count to five and then pull Mr. Truth's trigger." As Jebediah said these words he moved closer and closer to Ricky until they were face to face. "Right. In. Your. Gut." With these final four words he shoved the barrel of the gun into Ricky's belly button and then pushed it up so that when he fired it would go up into his body and come out breaking his spine.

"Psyduck. You." Ricky said as a smile crept across his face.

"Have it your way, I'll still play. 1....2....3....4....5." Click. Nothing.

"Are you psyducking crazy!?" Ricky screamed as his heartbeat skyrocketed. "You might actually kill me!"

"That's the point?" Jebediah said smiling. "Now let me ask you again, where is Jedediah Rush?"

"The hell if I know? Let me out of this chair you psyducking maniac!"

"Sigh. You see Ricky, for some people it's hard to kill another man. For me? Not so much. The thing about killing is, once you've killed someone close to you, killing some random piece of muk doesn't even matter anymore."


"Oh that's right Ricky. I've killed many many men before you, the first of which was my father. Oh that great great man, the epitome of righteousness. All the people of the town loved him and he showed them all compassion and kept them all safe. But alas, he forgot he even had a son. Taking care of so many people, and ignoring the one person that actually mattered. It made me so angry that after 17 years of it I just finally snapped. One night I walked into his bedroom, pulled Mr. Truth out of his dresser drawer, and made friends with the back of his balding head."

"You''re mad. You're mad! Help! Heeeeellllpppp! Anyone! Help Me! Heeeeeellllpppp!"

"Yes Ricky, yes yes. Scream for help. Scream as loud as you can. You picked the most secluded place for the very reason that you didn't want anyone to hear me scream am I right?"

"Heeeeellllpppp!" Ricky was screaming at the top of his lungs, his voice becoming so loud that it started to crack and the screaming started breaking up and turning into an uncontrollable sobbing broken up every few seconds by a defeated man's call for help.

"Nobody's gonna help you Ricky. You're a piece of muk. Even if you did have someone who actually cared about you they still wouldn't care. So I'll ask the question again, and if you refuse to answer I'll pull the trigger twice this time. Okay?"

"Fu- *sniff* fu- *sniff* psyduck youuuu." His you trailing off into a whimper.

"Well here we go again I suppose. 1....2....3....4....5." Click. Click. With each click Ricky jumped in his seat a little, his voice jumping up and the tears coming down even harder each time. He was broken.

"This is your final chance Ricky. Either you answer me here or it's over. What'll it be?"

"Whatdya want from me man?" He cried out. "I don't know anything you don't, I'm just a low class criminal you know that. I've only got a $600 bounty. Why me....why meee...." At this point Ricky was starting to not even make sense anymore, his words were muddled and his face was covered in sweat, snot and tears.

"I suppose that's all there is then. I'll put you out of your misery."

"Pu- pu- pu- pu- please don't d- d- do this. I'm begging you pleeeeeeeeease."

"Sorry Ricky. I told you my story and you refused to tell me yours. I can't just let you walk away." Click. Bang. Click. Ricky's body jumped two times. Once from the click and the second from the shock of the bullet. The bullet severed his spine, and Ricky bled out in that cabin.

The door creaked open as the gunshot went off and revealed a girl that had seen the whole thing.

"Oh. No no no. Look what you've gone and done now. My do I hate killing women." Jebediah picked up Rey from the table he had put it on and aimed the sights for Scarlet. "Right between the eyes." Bang.