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I think it's because I have a very soft spot for cute small rodents, but god damn, I like all of them. Yes, even Ratatta, Patrat and Skwovet. I am gonna do short explanations:

Ratatta: Iconic Raticate is kinda ugly but i still like it.

Pikachu: How can you not like Pikachu? It's the mascot for a reason.

Sentret: Very very cute. I like Sentret's design way more than Furret (i love Furret too tho), and I'd like it more if Sentret's evolution looked more like Senret and Furret was its own standalone pokemon (that would also give it more chances to get an evo in gen 4)

Pichu: Take Pikachu and make it 1000x cuter and you get Pichu.

Zigzagoon: A lot of these pokemon share this in common: they are very cute. And Zigzagoon is one of the cutest.

Plusle&Minun: I would have killed to see them getting an evolution. I think they are very unique.

Bidoof: The perfect hm slave and iconic as well.

Pachirisu: Squirrels are my favorite animal and electric is my 2nd fav type, so me falling in love with an electric squirrel was inevitable.

Patrat: Squirrel.

Emolga: Same thing as Pachirisu but I like flying squirrels even more.

Bunnelby: Simple rabbit design. It also turns chonkers when it evolves.

Dedenne: Cute + I like that his tail looks like a cable.

Yungoos: Historically funny design.

Togedamaru: Hedgehog. Again, very cute.

Skwovet: My fav animal is squirrel and this is one fat squirrel.

Morpeko: I like it's gimmick. Also dark + electric


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Hey you do you, man. There’s no wrong answer in what Pokémon to like most, so represent those rodents!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ )و
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I honestly agree. Pikaclones are adorable and I love pretty much all of them. Have liked them since the beginning too, even did a Plusle and Minun only run in Sapphire way back when it was the newest game. It makes me especially happy to see you like Emolga too, since it seems to be fairly unpopular amongst the pikaclones for some reason. D: Most early route normal types are also 👍

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I think it's because I have a very soft spot for cute small rodents, but god damn, I like all of them. Yes, even Ratatta, Patrat and Skwovet.
Nice one! It's always great to have an unpopular opinion. Things would definitely be boring if everybody enjoyed the same thing. Out of everything you listed though, which one is your favorite? My favorite early rodent or rodent like Pokémon is Furret, mainly because I had so much fun playing the mini-game "Furret's Frolic" in Pokémon Stadium 2 and love the "Furret Walk" song Are you familiar with the Furret Walk? If not, I suggest you check it out on YouTube. It is the exact same tune as Accumula Town in the Unova games, which had great music. My favorite "Pikachu clone" is, I don't know, it's hard to decide between Emolga and Morpeko. Emolga is an electric flying squirrel and is Electric and Flying type. It doesn't get any better than that. I like Morpeko a lot because his gimmick reminds me of those snicker commercials, "you're not you when you're hungry."


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Is liking the pikaclones really that unpopular? 🤔

I like all of the Pika clones more than Pikachu tbh =p
Though that's more because I've just never liked Pikachu. I highly prefer Raichu.
My favorite Pikaclone is Dedenne. Plusle & Minun after that.

As for the regional rodents... bit of mixed bag for me personally. But the one I like the most is Zigzagoon/Linoone.

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There's nothing wrong with that! I'm not a big fan of the Pikaclones/early route mammals but I don't mind that you like them. And for what it's worth, out of the ones you mentioned, I do like Zigzagoon and Togedemaru a lot.

I don't know if they count as Pikaclones since they're Better than Pikachu in every way, but I also like Raichu and Mimikyu, who are included in official materials as such.
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Well, I have nothing against early game Normal types either. If anything, I usually was just sick of seeing Rattata everywhere in the first two gens, but that's no longer an issue in later gens with much better wild Pokémon variety.

I had Simple Bibarel, and Greedent in my playthroughs and they both did great and were fun to play with.

On the other hand, I don't like anything that reminds me of Pikachu. I don't see the point in every gen creating a Pokémon just to capitalize on the popularity of a Pokémon we already see everywhere.


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I don't really have anything against early Normal Types, especially since they tend to make great HM Slaves in the games where HMs were sadly a thing that existed

Zigzagoon and Lilipup both having Pickup makes them pretty useful to have in your party as well as using HMs

Don't really have much against Pikaclones as well, though I do often find Dedenne to be one of the most forgettable Pokémon there is