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Your fave Ash Ketchum design?

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View Poll Results: Your fave Ash Ketchum design?
Original series 1 20.00%
Advanced Generation series 2 40.00%
Diamond & Pearl series 0 0%
Best Wishes series 0 0%
XY series 1 20.00%
Sun & Moon series 1 20.00%
Voters: 5. You may not vote on this poll

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Ash Ketchum is an icon of the Pokemon anime who is known to always sport new attire every time he visits a new region, but now the question is which one of Ash's designs do you like best and why? You could also rate his designs from best to worst if you want to do it that way.

Here's all of Ash's designs in the anime so far.

Original series (EP001-EP274):

Advanced Generation series (AG001-AG192):

Diamond & Pearl series (DP001-DP191):

Best Wishes series (BW001-BW142):

XY series (XY001-XY140):

Sun & Moon series (SM001-Present):

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SM because:

1) It's the only chance it'll get at being in the lead before other sagas overtake it
2) I've grown to like it, a lot. I like shonen anime styles, but I've always been a sucker for softer art styles.
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In terms of pure clothing alone (not counting any aesthetic changes to Ash himself), this is probably what my list would look like:

1. Advanced Generation
2. XY
3. Best Wishes
4. Sun & Moon
5. Original Series
6. Diamond & Pearl

I'm totally biased for Ash's AG design because I was always a huge fan of his hat and sweater during that era, haha. If not for that bias, his XY and BW outfits might have ranked above AG, though it's a really close call between everything on that list.

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