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Really Cool Trivia Contest

Started by Her July 4th, 2013 10:44 PM
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The Really Cool PokeCommunity Trivial Pursuit Contest2013

Hello! Welcome to the wonderful The Really Cool PokéCommunity Trivial Pursuit Contest hosted by the utterly charming Harlequin and my assistant Lady Gunner! In this game you, well, answer trivia! Much fun to be had in that, I'm sure! The questions will cover the following areas of life: Entertainment, General Knowledge, Geography/Sciences and PokéCommunity itself!
Obviously you are playing this game to have a great time (...right...?), but who knows! You might even get an emblem as a reward for all your hard Google searching! Be warned, though: there are no prizes for second place.
Now please direct your attention to the simple rules below:

☆ Rules ☆

The first thing that you should do is to sign up here. After 12-24 hours since the start of the GT, we will post the groups and questions. You will have 2 days to answer 4 of the 5 categories, which has 8-10 questions:

General Knowledge
Geography & Sciences

Near the end of the contest, we will release a Quickfire category which only has 5 questions.

After answering, One member of their group MUST send all of your answers to Harlequin AND Lady Gunner BEFORE the GT ends.

Any more questions can be asked in this thread!

☆ Sign Up Sheet ☆

Username: Lady Gunner
and anyother thing you might want to add here

☆ Participants and Group List ☆

Group One:
Virtual Headache

Group Two:

Group Three:

Group Four:
Sector Revenge

Group Five:

1. How many singles has Janet Jackson had at #1?

2. Speaking of Janet, what's her name if you're Nasty?

3. In what year did 8 Academy Awards go with the Wind?

4. Who is (controversially) hosting the FIFA World Cup next year?

5. Which console was unveiled by Sony at this year's E3 conference?

6. As of 2013, how many seasons has The Ellen Show been running for? How long has it been renewed for?

7. What is the name of Kanye West's newest album? In which song does he sample Strange Fruit by Billie Holliday?

8. When did Disneyland open to the public?

9. What year did James Dean die?

10. Singer PSY was recently called the 'herpes of music' by which disgruntled rocker? Bonus: How did PSY respond?

General Knowledge
1. Why is Howard Carter famous?

2. If you wanted to dig through the earth to China, where would you start off?

3. In what year did China ban Buddhist monks from reincarnating without government permission?

4. The 82nd tallest mountain in the world is...?

5. Who were the band of warriors from Thessaly who went to the Trojan War with Achilles?

6. Name each colony once owned in Africa by Great Britain and give the dates of their independence for at least 10 of them:

7. The Pink and White Terraces could have been the eighth wonder of the world, but they were destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1886. Which volcano in which country erupted, wiping the Terraces from the earth forever?

8. Who was the last Pope to resign before Pope Benedict XVI?

9. How many cities in the world did Alexander the Great name after him? Note - some have had their names changed over time.

10. Which actress famously wanted to 'be alone'?

Geography & Sciences

1. What was Iran's original name?

2. What river in China means "Yellow River"?

3. What is the 2nd smallest country?

4. What is the highest point in Europe?

5. What countries are a part of the Baltic States?

6. What kind of paleontologist who studies tree rings?

7. What are the two main kingdoms in Biology?

8. Who discovered polonium?

9. Which countries make up the area Czechslovakia used to inhabit? Which of the countries has the largest land mass?

10. Germany as we know it came into existence in what year?

PokeCommunity Questions

1. What the real names of at least five members of the higher staff?

2. How many mods are there in total?

3. Who has the highest post count on this website?

4. How many supporters are there?

5. Which mod has a fetish for Superman?

6. According to the member list, how many members on here have the word 'ass' somewhere in their username?

7. How many forums (including subforums) are there on PC?

9. What is the total number of styles available for members?

9. As of July 6, who is the most recently promoted mod?

10. Which delightful system of giving thanks to a user was permanently taken down in 2010 due to misuse and harassment by the members of this forum?


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Username: Totodile42

Seems pretty fun. I'm in! :)


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Username: Virtual Headache

So, are you going to put us into groups or did I understand that wrong?
Yeah, the plan is to put you guys into groups, but if enough people don't sign up then it'll just have to be a single player game, lol.


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Entries closing in one hour and 30 minutes.


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Groups are up and questions have been posted in the first post! However you want to do it, do it! First team to mail me the answers wins!
Note - only one representative from each team can mail me/Gunner the answers. Both of us must receive a PM in order for your answers to be counted.
However! You cannot PM anything until the Quickfire questions have been posted, and who knows when that will be!


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grassium Z

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Oh, guys, when you submit to us your answers, please denote something on your title like ""Group 1 Trivia Contest Answers" or something so that we know what group are you from :]


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1. What type of clown is the inspiration for the Joker's on/off girlfriend, Harley Quinn?

2. Which character got off the plane in which famous series finale?

3. When was Tenochtitlan founded?

Final round of Quickfire will be posted shortly! :)
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