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Your top three favorite types! Page 2

Started by Sheep October 2nd, 2019 2:25 AM
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Posted November 3rd, 2019
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1. Ghost
I am fascinated by Ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon in real life, and the ghost type is a personification of that. I love Many Ghost types too, like Banette, Jellicent and Froslass.

2. Ice
I do not like the cold in real life, but I do enjoy ice types a whole lot. They are very rare and often very beautiful, mystical or very cool. Favorites include Froslass, Jynx and Avalugg.

3. Grass
Nature is very important and beautiful and many grass types show exactly how beautiful but also deadly mother nature can be. Favorites include Celebi, Cottonee and Serperior.


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Putting it in order is tricky but something like

1. Dragon
2. Flying
3. Fighting


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Posted October 28th, 2019
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My favorite type (1) is a perfect tie between ghost and dark. I don't know how to choose between the two, but I love myself an edgy boi or a spooky boi.

Second favorite (2) is ice, probably because I just always liked cold and ice monsters in RPG games.

Third favorite (3) is normal. Simply because it's either the "nothing or all" type. It's like a perfect neutral. Except it's weak to fighting type so...

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1. Water. This one is definitely my favorite. I almost always use a water starter, and I’ve always been a fan of water type Pokémon and water type moves. Blue also happens to be my favorite color, so the coloring associated with the water type is also appealing.

2. Probably Electric. Thunderbolt is awesome. And I like Pikachu a lot.

3. Probably Fire. It’s another basic element, but there’s something I like about it, and there are a lot of fire types that I’m fond of.

I also like Psychic, perhaps because of its legacy in gen 1 as this super-powerful type with few counters (because the bug type moves available didn’t do much, and the other countering types were limited). I also like the cerebral air it has. Additionally, I really like the moves Ice Beam and Earthquake, though those alone aren’t enough to make Ice or Ground top my types list.
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Posted 2 Days Ago
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Normal is definitely my favourite. Because I like their designs and they feel more like "Pokemons" from the original concept. I just like how Miltank is basically a random cow, or Tauros a bull. I played with them for a while.
Next is ghost, because Gengar rocks.
Third one would be grass, because Mega venusaur is bae

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Dark and ghost are my top two because I never got out of my goth phase. As for the third, it's pretty hard for me to choose between electric and fire. They're both awesome elemental types!
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1. Ice
2. Fairy
3. Bug

The first two are just so pretty. Plus, they’re great offensive types, and I’m someone that prefers offensive Pokémon to defensive Pokémon.

As for Bug, I’m not really sure why. I think it’s just that a lot of my favorites are Bug types. Araquanid, Golisopod, and Yanmega come to mind, as well as my favorite Gen 8 Pokémon, Frosmoth.

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Water, Electric, and the last one depends on my mood.

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Aha! Similar to the above post, it depends on my mood! Flying, Steel and Dragon at the moment!

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