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Survey: Pokemon regions 'n' roleplay

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View Poll Results: Which mainline region do you prefer as a setting?
Kanto 0 0%
Johto 3 27.27%
Hoenn 0 0%
Sinnoh 2 18.18%
Unova 3 27.27%
Kalos 1 9.09%
Alola 2 18.18%
Voters: 11. You may not vote on this poll

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Old October 20th, 2017 (5:32 AM). Edited October 20th, 2017 by Junier.
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    In the context of a roleplay, which region do you prefer?

    Like, is there a region from the Pokemon games that piques your interest the most? Maybe the locales are the most fleshed-out in your opinion, or there's dimension to them that makes you want to explore them vicariously yourself. Maybe there's some evidence of culture that's exciting. Or maybe just the Pokemon line-up for that region in-particular is the best of the bunch.

    For any reason at all (and it can be hypothetical or from experience; you've roleplayed in the Kalos region, like, three times and are totally down for doing it again), which region, out of any of the mainline Pokemon titles, would make the best setting for a story?

    (Poll will be up for 3 days btw)

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    Old October 20th, 2017 (5:56 AM).
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      I voted for Sinnoh exclusively for the snow. C;
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      Old October 20th, 2017 (7:22 AM).
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        I REALLY like Sinnoh as a setting because it has so many different geographical features; forest, mountain, cliffside, cave, field, lakefront, snow, beachfront, marsh, ect. Plus, all the landmarks are pretty interesting.

        However, I voted Unova, as I've been craving a good adventure in the region for a while. It also has a lot of natural features, dreamworld, Poke-New York, Poke-Hollywood, on top of being underrated as heck. So yeah c:

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        Old October 20th, 2017 (10:35 AM). Edited October 20th, 2017 by Junier.
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          I would've allowed y'all to see who voted to #EXPOSE but I thought it was wholly public, not the "view voter" option I've seen before, whoops.

          Unova's really blown up in the last few hours, though! The Dream World is definitely an interesting feature, now that you mention it, Star.

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          Old October 20th, 2017 (10:43 AM).
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            Johto is probably my favorite region, so it gets my vote.
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            Old October 21st, 2017 (3:56 AM).
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            I voted for Johto - although I've never had chance to take part in a multi-protagonist roleplay there.

            The region is just really picturesque and the scenes of it from top to bottom just have a magical energy to me. There's some interesting opportunities for interaction with other members in the game with places like Slowpoke Well, National Park (for the Bug Catching Contests), Slowpoke Well and the variety of Team Rocket bases. Just thinking about it is getting me excited and craving to hop in a roleplay right now, aha.
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            Old October 21st, 2017 (6:21 AM).
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            Johto is definitely my favorite region, which is the reason why it got my vote. Close seconds would be Hoenn and Unova though. I really like the majority of the Pokemon which came with both the regions, and Hoenn has an obscene amount of water in which to explore which surely holds secrets we've yet to find.
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            Old October 29th, 2017 (3:29 AM).
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            Sinnoh was an amazing region to play the game in, and I think it would make for an awesome RP region too. I think I was in a Sinnoh RP once or twice but they didn't get far. However, if the history/culture of the region is incorporated well, I think the RP would be really exciting.
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