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    Like Ash and Pikachu, a pokemon that you would take everywhere, a constant on your teams. And what's your reasoning for picking it?

    I don't really have one, there's too many I like.
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      Porcelina, my signature shiny Gorebyss.

      I love the Water type, and Gorebyss is just my favorite water type. Gorebyss can fill a wide range of battling roles, it works fantastic as a defensive wall, it hits incredibly hard as a special attack sweeper, and it can run support for itself and other pokemon. Gorebyss is quite fast on its own and then it gets ridiculous in the rain. Gorebyss has a fantastic move pool that is flexible for all three of the battling roles it fits itself into.

      Gorebyss has a beautiful sleek design whether normal or shiny, a beautiful shade of pink or gold (two of my favorite colors). Plus it looks like a cross between an Eel, Dolphin, and a Mermaid. Gorebyss also has some interesting and brutal pokedex lore, it's as brutal predatory hunter that stabs its prey with its beak and then proceeds to desiccate them. The brutal lore makes it really savage and dark despite its beautiful appearance, which I strangely admire.

      Gorebyss has been my favorite pokemon since Generation 3, however Porcelina the shiny Gorebyss did not become my signature pokemon until Generation 5. By the time I was playing Black and White, I had come up with the best possible build for Gorebyss as a competitive pokemon, and I had buit an entire Rain Dance team strategy around it. I was entranced by the golden color of Gorebyss' shiny, so I had asked another friendly member of PoCo to help me build this team, specifically to breed me a Shiny Clamperl. It was awesome when I first received the shiny Clamperl, and I had requested that the Clamperl be named after one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands of all time. "Porcelina of the Vast Oceans" by The Smashing Pumpkins.
      Although my Gen 5 Porcelina was not perfect for Competitive, she did exactly what I wanted her to do on my team, and she was the major MVP of the entire team. After she had dominated in my Rain Dance team, I decided to pull her out of that team and fit her into two other competitive teams I had used in that generation, no matter what put her in, she just always dominated.
      By this point, I realized this was my absolute favorite Pokemon.
      Then I stopped playing Pokemon after my DSi and all of my games were stolen.

      Fast Forward to 2016.
      I decided I couldn't completely give up Pokemon. I bought a used 3DS, and a copy of Omega Ruby. Loved everything about playing this game, generation 3 will always be my favorite.
      I decided that I wanted to build my "Dream Team", a team that consisted of my top 6 favorite pokemon of all time that could run competitively.
      The most important part of this team would obviously be none other than Gorebyss.
      Originally I wasn't going to breed for a shiny Gorebyss, at the time I was really dedicated to getting this team up and running so I could take it online as soon as I could. I just wanted to get my Modest nature Gorebyss with a 5/6 IV spread with - Attack, and at the time gender and coloration did not matter. However destiny had other plans.
      I was breeding Clamperl on OR at my friends house while he was doing some grinding in his Y version. After only a few hours of breeding, I was dumbstruck, a female Modest shiny Clamperl hatched with a 5/6 IV spread with - Special Defense. Before I knew it, Porcelina had returned to me once again and it was ready for anything. Sure it wasn't the original... but it was significantly better than the original, and I had acquired her legitimately with no help from anyone else, she meant more to me now than she had before.

      Porcelina the Gorebyss just means a lot to me within the pokemon games for many different reasons, and it will probably always be my favorite and signature pokemon.
      Masters of Hoenn

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        Well, in-game would have to be Gengar, he's basically the head of my team.

        But if we're talking the kind of "If Pokemon were real life" scenario, there's no way I couldn't take a Mimikyu with me everywhere, it's too damn adorable. If you were actually able to take your favorite Pokemon with you everywhere in real life, it would be pretty difficult to get into a bad mood, ya?

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        Definitely something
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        I think it's pretty obvious :p
        I love deer so Deerling/Sawsbuck is the Pokemon I always wanted and I always have one on my team if possible
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            Make a guess
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            Contrary to current and past avatars and signatures, my signature pokemon is none other than the Sea Weasel, Buizel. It was bromigos at first sight in Diamond and we haven't looked back since. Its the epitome of cool for me with the kind of personality (thanks to the anime) that I love in a Pokemon. Lastly, its signature move, Aqua Jet, is my favorite move in the game.
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              My signature Pokemon would be Eevee. It is small and cute.
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              My signature partner would have to be Muddy the Mudkip. I very vividly remember first acquiring my baby blue axolotl in Pokemon Sapphire right after the games came out, and I grew more attached to him than I had with any starters previously. I was beyond emotional when he first evolved into Marshtomp and then once more upon his final evolution into Swampert, and nowadays I'll usually try to fit him into my team whenever possible
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                Golduck. He's my favorite and especially back in the day with Surf.
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                  I've considered Noko (my Shiny Dunsparce) my signature Pokémon for the past seven years. Inspired by childhood memories of vainly trying to evolve Dunsparce into Gligar, I chained him on Pearl some Christmases ago (without Repels or any real knowledge of the PokéRadar's in-depth mechanics). Fortunately, without trying, I got him with the perfect Nature and Ability combo. Remakes of my favorite games were on the horizon, so I waited until the release of HGSS before raising him where I swapped him with my Starter ASAP. I eventually taught him Headbutt via Move Tutor to maximize his Para-Flinching abilities and considered him my most-cherished Pokémon.

                  But things change.

                  I've already considered Wartortle my favorite Pokémon design-wise for a while and finally managed to SR a Shiny one earlier this year (with minimal effort), which I used as my partner in a new file of SoulSilver before importing her to Gen. VII. I realized a couple days ago that I really enjoyed using her, even just seeing her come out of her Poké Ball, more so than I've felt with Noko in a long time. That's when I started rethinking things and decided that she, Torrin, should be my new signature Pokémon and favorite Pokémon overall.

                  I'm not sure how long this will last, though. I've been really into moths these past couple years and have been trying for a full-odds Shiny Mothim most of this one. After all this time, if I do get one, it wouldn't be too surprising if became my new signature.

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                    Haxorus ends up in nearly every competitive team I make, even if it's not on the team originally, I'm going to find some excuse to make it fit.

                    As for in game, I use Crobat on nearly every team.
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                    I like lots of Pokemon, but my signature Pokèmon is gonna be obviously Eevee, it's my favorite among all 800+ of them.
                    I really would love to have one in real life, it's so adorable. ♥
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                      Kikaito the beautifly
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                          My Umbreon Yato has become my companion since Alpha Sapphire. Level capped and competitive ready, even if he doesn't have perfect stats. He's got perfect stats in the only three that matter for him, and he's an excellent support tank for whatever team I put him in.
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                            Definetly breloom or giratina. But probably giratina the most. That ones always been in front, ready to take down the elite four in one hit XD
                            A wild snowfire appeared!!

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                              Out of Game it would be Sandslash, a shiny one.
                              From Gen 1-III it was Jigglypuff.
                              In Game today It's probably Gengar or Mimikyu.
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                                I don't have a signature Pokemon, at least not in-game. There are so many Pokemon out there, I don't like the idea of reusing them. (plus I feel like past team members become less memorable if I've had multiples of the same species over the years)
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