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Old 2 Weeks Ago (1:05 PM).
Sersch7 Sersch7 is offline
    Join Date: Nov 2017
    Location: Germany
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    Hey all!

    i thought the poke community might be interested in my project, so i decided to create a thread here. It is not based on actual pokemons but my own ideas & creations. Also it is based on the idea of having a monster collecting game with metroidvania like exploration + visuals!


    Monster Sanctuary is a land that is populated by monsters. Only a minority of humans is populating that land, gathered together in the Keeper Stronghold. Although the hostile nature of the monsters, the inhabitants of the Stronghold learned to grow and train them. For that they have a special class: The Monster Keeper.

    As the youngest heir of an ancient bloodline of proud Monster Keepers, you step out into the world to follow in your ancestors' footsteps. You will gather a party of monsters to grow and train. You are aided by a Spectral Wolf, the familiar of your bloodline. Meanwhile, a series of unsettling events worries the experienced Keepers of the Monster Sanctuary. This is the beginning of a journey to unravel the cause of this mystery that threatens the peace between humans and monsters.

    You are exploring in 2D sideview and by collecting items or monsters you are able to unlock new areas.

    The base combat setup is 3 vs 3. The monster actions consume mana but you regenerate a certain amount of mana every turn. Mana management is an important gameplay feature.

    I tried to make the combats very strategical. There is a combo count in place that increases the damage of consecutive attacks in the same turn.
    - every hit of an attacks increases it
    - every heal applied increases it
    - every buff applied increases it
    It makes sense to have supportive monster act first and do high hit count attacks or support actions to maximize the damage of the monsters acting last. So the order you do your actions matters!

    As a player you are motivated to play efficient by a combat result that ranges from 1 to 5 stars, based on your efficiency. By getting a high rating, you increase the chances to receive rare items. Among rare items there are Monster Eggs. This is the main way in the game how you increase your monster party. You hatch those eggs!

    I also put a quite some effort in adding the possibility to individualize the monsters. Every monster has an unique skill tree where you as a player decide which direction you want your monster to evolve.

    There are a lot of active and passive skills with many synergies. Skills can have a lot of different themes - Damage, healing, buffs, debuffs, critical hits, shielding and more.

    Also you can further individualize your monsters by equipping them like in RPGs and improving certain stats.

    I'm developing the game mostly alone, doing the programming, pixel art, music, sfx, game design, level design all by myself. My brother is helping me with ideas, story and dialogues.

    I'm eager to hear your Feedback!
    If you want to follow the project:
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    Old 6 Days Ago (1:38 PM).
    Disturbed's Avatar
    Disturbed Disturbed is offline
    Join Date: May 2008
    Age: 24
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    I just want to say I took a look at this thread and was absolutely blown away for how pretty everything looks. It's clear that you're incredibly passionate and this is definitely one of the games I'm keeping on my radar!

    Pretty happy to see something not related to Pokémon!
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    Old 6 Days Ago (1:47 PM). Edited 6 Days Ago by Lunos.
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    Lunos Lunos is offline
    Uruguayan Random Guy
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      This reminds me a lot of Terraria, Pokémon and a little bit of Digimon after reading "you as a player decide which direction you want your monster to evolve".
      Honestly, this looks really freaking amazing dude. I'm going to bookmark it and I'll be looking forward to a playable release. Nice job :)
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      Old 6 Days Ago (1:47 PM).
      Laslow's Avatar
      Laslow Laslow is online now
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      You’ve impressed one of our staffers enough that he linked it to the staff. That’s an achievement in itself.

      For a one- or two-man show, this is quite impressive work.
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      Old 6 Days Ago (6:05 PM).
      IRON NIDOW's Avatar
      IRON NIDOW IRON NIDOW is offline
      I'm a talking dog
        Join Date: Nov 2008
        Location: Goan region
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        Great concept, and very beautiful graphics, it's good we have more opitions of monster catching games, I wish all sucess!!! ^^
        Check out Essentures in FaceBook
        for exclusive content like artworks and first-hand news ^^

        A game that promises bring back all GameBoy Essence!
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        Old 5 Days Ago (4:33 AM).
        PhantomBima PhantomBima is offline
          Join Date: May 2016
          Location: East Java
          Gender: Male
          Nature: Quiet
          Posts: 22
          Yay, more monster-catching game not related to Pokemon~ Really digging the side-view graphics so far~

          Let's end Pokemon's monopoly of monster-catching game, pfft.
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          Old 4 Days Ago (10:00 AM).
          Sersch7 Sersch7 is offline
            Join Date: Nov 2017
            Location: Germany
            Posts: 12
            Thanks for the heartwarming Feedback! Honestly i was a bit nervous how the community might receive a non Pokemon game.

            And yeah, i'm also curious why there aren't more indie monster collecting games out there, considering how crowded most other genres are.

            I'll keep posting updates here now and then! :)
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            Old 4 Days Ago (7:31 PM).
            ranger016's Avatar
            ranger016 ranger016 is offline
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              I will give it a 11 on 10 as far as first impression goes. I am really looking forward to playing it, keep up the good work.
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              Old 4 Days Ago (2:26 AM).
              adventure's Avatar
              adventure adventure is online now
              ★every story
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              This looks so cool! I love pixly stuff ^^ Glad you're putting in some form of proper story as well and not just making it a fantasy-pokémon clone ;)
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              Old 3 Days Ago (3:23 AM).
              Logan's Avatar
              Logan Logan is online now
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              Truly truly amazing, can't believe you're developing this alone. Have you thought about publishing this as a real game (aka selling it)?
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              Old 3 Days Ago (9:57 AM).
              Sersch7 Sersch7 is offline
                Join Date: Nov 2017
                Location: Germany
                Posts: 12
                Thanks! Yes i want to try a kickstarter in September. If it succeeds, i could work on it full time :)
                (Else it will take forever to finish :p)
                But first i want to release a free demo version (probably end of April), gather feedback and iterate/improve on it to have a really good demo version for the kickstarter.
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