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Hatching Eggs

Started by Palamon 2 Weeks Ago 8:06 AM
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Since generation ii, Pokemon has given us the mechanic of being able to breed two Pokemon to give them an offspring or egg. How often do you hatch eggs in the Pokemon games? Do you care if the Pokemon has perfect IVs upon hatching? What do you hatch eggs for in your Pokemon games?

I hatch eggs ever so often for my egg runs when I restart the gen IV or V Pokemon games. But, I don't care about IVs or Natures. I just hatch eggs for my own team, and not any other reason.
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I care about IVs so I breed for that reason. And eventually I'm going to get into shiny breeding as well, but that's more for when I actually complete the National Dex in USUM. @__@



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i generally only breed if i just want to get a certain pokemon for a playthrough on another game or shiny hunt. rarely do i breed anything for battle or for in-game usage. i think the last time i did that was crystal. i went out of the way to trade a venomoth from red into crystal, breed it with a ledyba, and got a ledyba with psybeam as an egg move bc i rly wanted it. mango the ledian is doing great on my team thank u for asking.
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I’ll spend a good amount of time breeding for shinies or IVs or nature’s, etc! I like being able to really start from scratch with a Pokémon. Back in the day I would breed for competitive play, which was.. trialing, to say the least, haha.


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Not sure how it will be in the 8th gen

before I always breed my team and have it ready to be transferred
I love starting my teams all at level 1
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Before Gen 7, most of my breeding was just to fill slots in my National Dex.

During Gen 7, I've done a little bit of everything - shiny breeding, competitive breeding, breeding a team for a new playthrough, etc.

Right now, I'm playing back through all the games, and at the beginning of each new game, I'll hatch out a team of descendants from the previous game, to use as my new team.
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