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Currently busy grinding in my nuzruns and studying.

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Basically what the thread title says. You are allowed to count the gen7 ice mountain as the victory road of that gen. You can also separate the games for each gen. For me...

BW2 > BW1 > Gen4 > Gen7 > Gen1 > Gen6 > Gen2 > Gen3

There was literally nothing I liked about gen3’s victory road. It felt more like a test of how many HMs you could utilise as opposed to a test of strength, the map was confusing and felt like the rooms were randomly put together and the music was lame. If Rock smash wasn’t 20 base power, then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

Gen2’s victory road would have been ranked much much higher if there were actual trainers inside.

As soon as I made this list I knew for certain BW2 would be first place. The scenery is outstanding and one of the best, there is a variety of areas such as a forest and ruins and stuff, and it genuinely felt enjoying to get through.



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Definitely not looking forward to going through Hoenn's Victory Road again when I eventually get there on my current Pokémon Emerald file.

Gen 2 > Gen 4 > Gen 7 > BW1 > BW2 > Gen 1 > Gen 6 > Gen 3

Quite like the Gen 2 Victory Road since the trainers are fought on the way to Victory Road instead, letting you save PP for Wild Mons as well as the Rival battle at the end. Quite a few convenient items to be found as well, none more so than the TM for Earthquake.


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ok i can hardly remember some of them, but I really dislike rse's because it's so complex and long...

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yeah a lot of the victory roads kinda blend in together for me because they're usually some variation of "going into a cave and doing strength puzzles" sort of thing. if anything else, i do like unova's in terms of design and the same goes for sm/usum. they're the ones that stick out more to me than others.

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It was a total blast in Unova's victory roads! I remember loving the exterior sections as well as the interior ones. There is a very difficult trainer (veteran, if I recall correctly) in black and white 2's victory road, who tookme by surprise, and was a wake-up call to indicate I just couldn't rush in mindlessly. It was fun. And Sinnoh's victory road was awesome too, especially with folks having Empoleon, Machamp and Torterra.
I don't have to put up a list because I share the exact same opinions on ranking victory roads as PageEmperor Hue Manatee.
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I hardly remember gen 4 and

Gen 2 > Gen 6 > Gen 7 > Gen 1 > Gen 3

Generation two felt to me like walking into Victory Road except your rival kicked out all the trainers and solved the puzzles first. Kalos was super unique and I enjoyed the rival battles.


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I had difficulty with the victory road in the Gen 5 games. I recall becoming lost and having to watch videos in order to find my way. The others I don’t remember all too well, other than the fact that the victory road in HGSS was ridiculously easy to navigate.

Perhaps my favourite is Gen 8 because of its lack of victory road. Any location that requires the use of a lot of HMs isn’t my favourite.
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