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FireRed Pokémon DarkViolet (Full Version Released) Page 56

Started by Chaos Rush November 17th, 2012 4:12 PM
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Nothing interesting here...

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Posted September 3rd, 2019
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Its just an opinion, Deal with it.



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Umm actually no it doesn't Red Chapter deserves it more than this game
Those two are different hacks with different goals and contents. Comparing them results in nothing but a flamewar. Just because you find one of them more entertaining than the other doesn't give you the right to judge which is the better for all players, let alone a competition which runs on democracy.
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Posted July 3rd, 2019
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Hello ChaosRush! I created a Pokecommunity account just so I could be able to download this new patch... Your hack is too cool to pass up TuT

I have a question though, would it be possible to merge this .ips patch with the 2014 version of DarkViolet? I accidentally downloaded and played the 2014 ver. without reading it stops after 7 badges :(


The Psycho Pokemon

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lack of reusable TMs is painfu, same with lack of reusable move tutors. I do like some of the evolution changes like Mankey evolving sooner, but shame that there doesnt appear to be any unique movepool changes save one or two instances. I say this because I started with Bulbsaur and I got a crapy hidden power variation from it (speaking of why Hidden Power doesnt have a base 60 attack power regardless of type outcome is another issue I have) and without a third special attack outside of the grass or poison type it is really going to struggle...I did notice that Blue's charmeleon has a new move called Dragon Bullet, does the bulbasaur line get any new moves added to their selection? Would be nice if Venusaur could learn Earth Power.


Oolong Mochi

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Posted August 26th, 2019
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Great romhack, one of the best ones i've played in a long time!
I came, however, to share a problem i just had. I was in Route 11, and i went to face the second electrician-type guy and his Electrode used Selfdestruct and the game froze. I was using a Venusaur, lvl. 42, holding a Lucky Egg. Thankfully i save a lot so i didn't miss much, so i retried the battle and killed the Electrode before it could selfdestruct. However, the game froze again anyway. I then retried for the third time without the lucky egg and the battle went okay. So my guess is that there's something off with the item. Idk if that has already been pointed out, just trying to help ^^ Again, great romhack, congratulations for all the work, it's beautiful!
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Posted August 31st, 2019
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I'm a fan of Chaos Rush's FF translation hacks, so was interested in trying this hack, but when I read that he is "Ashamed of it" it makes me hesitate into sinking the time investment in this hack.

Can anyone explain what he meant by this? Looking to play through my first completed ROM hack which is why this one interested me, being complete and all.


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I'm a fan of Chaos Rush's FF translation hacks, so was interested in trying this hack, but when I read that he is "Ashamed of it" it makes me hesitate into sinking the time investment in this hack.

Can anyone explain what he meant by this? Looking to play through my first completed ROM hack which is why this one interested me, being complete and all.
Well there's some minor cringe in it, just some middle school level edge here and there but it's not too awful.
Supported game list+Other things?

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Fun fact: the wall my character is facing is programmed as a ledge and now I'm stuck. :| Otherwise, this is a solidly done hack.
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Even if you say you aren't proud of it, I certainly think you ought to be. It might not be hack of the century or whatever, but you managed to, for the first time in ages in my eyes, make Kanto actually interesting to play through. I've played a multitude of hacks and fangames that take place in Kanto, and while some were decent, the Kanto formula wore on me, and as my least favorite region to play through, they didn't really stand out.

This hack made me ENJOY playing through Kanto again for the first time in ages. Taking notes from Black and White and using lore and worldbuilding established after the story told in the initial Kanto romp was genius, it made the whole experience feel fresh again. For all you had inspired off of Black and White, it never felt like you were just ripping aspects of it out and plugging them into a Kanto skin. Refurbished and made unique, that was the greatest strength of the hack in my eyes.

Also, you gave a warning that this story was edgy, which I disagree with. It's not kiddy childish stuff like the main series, and is a good bit more mature, but there's a difference between mature and edgy. I think you really nicely fell on the mature side of the spectrum
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Hello Chaos Rush,

I am the creator of the fangame Pokémon Sacred Phoenix, a French project that has been on the rails for a year now.
For the end-game, it is expected that the three legendary birds can be fought in combat.

So I wanted to ask you if I can create an orchestral remix of your legendary birds theme and incorporate this remix for the fight against Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.
You will of course be credited as an original composer for this music. (Just like Dasgust who composed the old theme of Phoenix RIsing and I was able to recompose with his accord for my title screen theme.)

The composer who joined my team is Pipevanes. There is a good chance you know him: he did a lot of Pokemon remix on YouTube.

Thank you.
Pokémon Sacred Phoenix



Age 16
Perak, Malaysia
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Posted 8 Hours Ago
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Something bugs me about this hack. I always look at it as a popular yet underrated piece in the rom hacking department, but as someone who had done several playthroughs and never had the sufficient willpower (emphasis on willpower) to finish it, I can see why it's "underrated".

Firstly, lack of quality features. Yeah, the maps and graphical revamps are refreshing, the soundtrack is superb, and NPCs are actually engaging for once in a game. But... there are no infinite TMs or useful move tutors. This is a HUGE problem because there are several custom moves in this game (including but not limited to Draco Bullet and Osmosis) and if it weren't for the NPCs using them, I wouldnt even know they existed. Okay, I know they exist now, so can I get them?.......... oh. These cool moves are wasted potentials (it took me a Nidoqueen to realise that there's an OP Special Poison type Outrage, and I don't even know how many more there are because this game severely lacks documentations). Draco Bullet is a Dragon type Quick Attack, sounds nice but let's be honest, who's using if it were not for mons with Technician? Does Technician even exist? Oh wow, maybe a documented data of every change of moveset and abilities might help, if only.

(P.S. it's actually hilarious - the only existing document of this game is the location of SOME mons, and even it is inaccurate asf. Then again, what's the point if you can't catch them all in the first place?)

Next, the story. My God, if someone were to present to me a summary of this game on a piece of paper I would've fanboyed and actually invest some time playing. Not for this hack, though, as the game encourages you to button mash through the cringefest of dialogues upon dialogues, expositions upon expositions, and your childhood friend insulting a thirteen year old boy till he cries about his mama being dead and oh god, I don't want to wait FOREVER to play the actual game, but this is insane. The plot has no buildup, only dialogues leading you to this checkpoint and there, Giovanni bombed Silph Co.

(bro, the mc was literally three feet away from Team Rocket when they cornered Marowak and he did literally NOTHING to stop them from killing her, but hey, have some dialogues)

See why I emphasised on "willpower" when I said I failed finishing this hack? This game loses its taste the further you progress. Nothing is engaging about the way the plot was executed - the reveal of Mewtwo's creation, Deoxys, and Giovanni's plan is literally done by the game throwing expositions at your face while the mc just stands and listen, really. By the time I ventured into postgame I just deleted the game off my storage. It was not worth the time at all. This game only serves visuals and that's seriously it.

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