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Old March 20th, 2016 (5:41 PM).
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Wow! Pays off to be friends with Loki haha. Love those twins. Those rustic strokes really go along with the characters. I'll try not to fanboy about your art and leave it at that for now xD
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Old March 27th, 2016 (5:10 AM). Edited April 5th, 2016 by Loki.
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Originally Posted by killer150 View Post
no way

*drops my recent pictures and my phone.
Haha thanks

Originally Posted by Beacons View Post
i love it! keep doing great!
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Anastasia.R View Post
Ayyy long time no see, your linework is pretty A+ to my eyes! I really like your variation of line weight and heavier / thicker lines!
I'm taking a look at your recent work and it's pretty awesome! The only one I thought could use redefinition of shading is probably this one, but you also mentioned it was a speedpaint.
This underwater scene is niiiiiiiiiicccccceeeeee *insert the thumbs up emoji*
The palette is pretty spot on for your environment! Underwater cenes are tough. I think it's a little dark though since the lighting gives a perception your character might be in more shallow water than deep. The deeper they are, the environment is a little harder to see because there would be less light. If you ever want to look or create underwater scenes, there are some good videos (i say some because I tried looking up some and they're animated or just a still image) and pictures that have some interesting palettes or interesting backgrounds! Ruins, coral, and other aquatic life are cool things to check out if you need ideas for what to add to your environment. Other than that, your palette was great! And the lighting came out awesome! C:

I'm not much of a photographer, but I dig the compositions! This and This one have really nice colors - I'm a fan of warmer colors and the oranges and reds look so pleasing!
Yo, awesome stuff! c;
Woooah Anastasia!!! Long time no see for real-- how are you?! What've you been up to latelyyy!!
Yeah that piece you linked is actually one I'm not too happy with but it was just a reference for an RP so it was hastily done. I'm glad to get your views on the underwater piece though-- I'm rubbish at lighting so now that you pointed out that he's probably in shallow water. DIDN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT HAHAHA it makes so much sense now though what was bothering me about that picture. But yeah someone else told me to add more stuff in the water to make it more interesting but it was out of my skill to render it so that it didn't seem out of place. (Thus why I slapped on that text ahhaha;;; ) Thank you though!! I'll keep those things in mind next time I attempt an endeavor like that again!

Originally Posted by JohnnyMustang View Post
Wow! Pays off to be friends with Loki :P haha. Love those twins. Those rustic strokes really go along with the characters. I'll try not to fanboy about your art and leave it at that for now xD
LOL well, it's give and take since she drew a little something for my birthday as well! :P Glad you like it- and the messy strokes hahaha - Thanks for your comment though!! o/

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Old March 27th, 2016 (5:01 PM).
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They look Lovely................

You really put an effort to make those characters to look very alive.

Which is I always want to make my drawings for being like that

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