5th Gen Low HP gym music

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Gen 5 was the first generation to change the gym music if your Pokémon had low (red) HP. The regular gym battle theme would stop playing, and we'd instead get this track:

Did you like this addition, or did you find it annoying?


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It wasn't just in a gym, it was everywhere, wasn't it?

I found it pretty annoying, honestly. I'm so glad after this gen they never did that again, and also did away with the low hp beep constantly, as well.


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I like the idea but not the execution. Gen 5 did a lot of experimentation and not all of it worked.
The story of every generation since Gen IV (unless you count that bad 3D on Olivine City's Lighthouse). Well, technically the story of all the Pokémon games (and a most games, ever) but I think Gen IV is the one where none of the issues are the new stuff they were trying.