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Old August 18th, 2017 (10:39 AM). Edited September 2nd, 2017 by MonadoXY7.
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Pokemon Astral Fan Gamer Maker
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    Recruiting Team Members
    Team Name: Pokemon Astral Crusaders
    Team Leader: MonadoXY7
    Current Members: MonadoXY7, umbralshadows
    Current Game Title: Pokemon Astral
    Current Progress made: First two towns, routes and city already made
    Position(s) to be recruited: Sprite artist for Gen 3 (overworld), music maker, mapping (region), scripting, character design (for personality, background and story), and character sprite maker
    Link to Game's PC thread:
    Method of Contact: Skype, Facebook and Messenger, Discord, PM me on PC website
    Additional Info: Look for Christopher Scott (my real name with the Arcanine) on Skype, send a friend request on Facebook and pm me in Messenger, search for MonadoXY7 on Discord in the game dev section for immediate chat, and just reply to his post on the PC's team recruitment thread. I am looking for someone who can create the same overworld as that of Pokemon Reborn.Also, i'm looking for someone who can create tiles, houses, and environments for each town and city.
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    Old August 22nd, 2017 (4:54 AM).
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    Pixel artist, professional leo
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      Position(s) being recruited for
      Reliable, talented scripter who can code user interfaces and has a good insight in bug fixing

      Team name: Team Comet
      Team members: The Dewitty
      Game title: Pokmon Comet
      Current progress made: Debugging phase of demo #1
      Preferred method of contact: Through PokCommunity, here or here
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      Old August 27th, 2017 (1:03 PM). Edited November 6th, 2017 by Cavespider_17.
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        The Coltar Project

        Position(s) being recruited for:
        Battle coordinator [1]
        Music: [1-2] URGENT
        RPGMXP Scripter [1]
        Storyboard checker/editor [1]

        Team name: "The Coltar Team"
        Team members (Current):
        Cavespider_17, Delashmit (Away)

        Battle coordination:

        Tim, Vohelian, BOT


        Cavespider_17, Delashmit (Away)

        Kirlial,Bean, Sparkin

        Game title: Pokemon Coltar
        Current progress made:
        In the process of moving from Idea to having something playable. Story is more or less sorted out plot wise in noted form, needs a little tidying.
        Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread OR At least 4 screenshots unique to your game:
        Preferred method of contact: Discord or Forums private message. I will answer both.
        Additional information: (optional)
        Timezone: GMT 00:00
        Feel free to ask me questions and I will do my best to answer them as quickly and as fully as possible.
        Remember fan games are free, don't expect money for helping out. Help out because you want to.
        "Even the sturdiest ship can sink if it is built with ignorance" - Aaron Piscar (Fictional Character)
        Read the Fiction, Play the Game
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        Old August 29th, 2017 (10:23 PM).
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        aerial silks angel
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          Free agent looking for work

          Area looking for work:
          plotting, writing, concept art for fakemon/trainers

          Relevant examples of your work:
          check out my visualnovel playthrough here for writing
          an ya can see my art on this thread

          Preferred method of contact:
          message me on this forums

          Additional information:
          i'm very selective bout projects. ... i like strong storylines an i cant work with to heavy deadlines due to life things an my own project
          i prefer smaller projects that hav a high probability ta be completed
          allso prefer if ya hav a demo or sumthin ta show progress before i commit
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          Old September 27th, 2017 (2:31 PM). Edited September 27th, 2017 by Ayhuri.
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            Greetings all! Pokémon Adventures Online is a game that aims to replicate the Nintendo hand held experience via a mmo environment. PAO is a 2.5d Pokemon mmo that’s uses Pokémon Unity as its base which is developed using C# / Unity. We have a team of nine people which are comprised of 1 head developer, 1 web developer, 1 project manager, 3 artist (pixel and graphic) 2 mappers and 1 R&D. All of us are dedicated and committed to this project and we are looking for the same level of commitment and dedication from others whom wish to join us. Our goal is to create a game and community in which players can come together and play all for the love of Pokemon! Development is heavily underway, but could use at least another experienced programmer or two. Here are the requirements in which we are seeking for potential programmers:

            · experienced C#/Unity programmer
            · Asynchronous Backend-Frontend Communication Via Sockets

            · Availability - at least 1 hour per day free time to contribute
            · Communication Skills - must communicate with other team members, must use Discord to communicate

            Duties / Tasks
            · coding key game components(frontend and backend) such as pokedex, trading system and etc along with their counterparts on the backend such as database tables and etc.

            · Discord Friend Request: Ahyuri#3444 or pm here
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              Recruiting a team member for Pokémon Unity 2D, a fangame making kit I'm developing for Unity
              • Position being recruited for: An additional programmer who is familiar with OOP. This project specifically uses C#, but it's a language easy to pick up when you know the concepts. You'll be working closely with me, tackling various scripts that need to be written/edited and creating editing GUI tools.
              • Team name: None
              • Team members: Currently me, and one currently inactive member
              • Engine title: Pokémon Unity 2D (P2D, for short)
              • Current progress made: 40% maybe? Currently working on the event system, so after that and the battle system it'll be probably be close to releasable
              • Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread
              • Preferred method of contact: Discord
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              Old October 11th, 2017 (9:09 PM). Edited October 12th, 2017 by Syntthetix.
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              Hello everyone!
              Our names are Garrett and Noah, and were two beginner game developers. Were working on our first project, called Shiny Simulator. The objective in making this game is to replicate shiny hunting with a text format instead of 2D graphics.
              Were about halfway through, and wed like to stop to take feedback and bug reports.
              If youre interested in playtesting for us, leave your skype or discord and well send you a copy of the game along with an invite to a google doc. On the google doc, the play testers can report bugs and give feedback. Or you can contact us directly, through the contact info listed below.
              Thanks everyone!

              Leave your skype or discord and well invite you to the play tester google doc, and send you a copy of the game. Or you can contact us directly, through the contact info listed below.


              Recruiting: Play Testers
              Team Name: PNDA
              Team Members: Noah and myself
              Game Title: Shiny Simulator
              Current Progress: Roughly half way done
              Method of contact: Skype: noah.anderson26/syntthetix - Discord: Ary#2226/Syn#5602
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                Pokmon Equality Recruiting

                Team Name: Team Equality
                Team Members:
                NtX - Main Dev, Mapper, Eventer
                Gamelizard - Writer
                SelenaFF - Spriter
                Sukoshijon - Composer
                Welcome to your new adventure! Travel across the beautiful landscape of Scaniola with your Pokemon, uncovering secrets about the region and what lies above. Scaniola is home to more than just tourist hotspots; it has a vast history intertwined with ancient cities and new pokemon. Rivalry and friendship will follow on this journey, as you travel alongside two trainers-in-the-making, Zeak and Lisa. Conquer gyms and challenge the Elite Four, before facing the Champion of Scaniola. Professor Aspen recruits your help when strange anomalies threaten the natural order of things!
                Recruiting for
                Currently we are looking for people who can fill these positions:
                • Scripter - A Scripter who is able to create various custom UI for the Project such as the menu, but also a working Online System
                • Spriter - Able to create Gen 5 Style Fakemon and Gen 4 Style Trainers and OW's
                • Concept Artist - Creating concept arts for Characters and Fakemon, should also be able to make Sugimori Artworks.

                Screenshots and Progress
                Current Progress:
                • Maps 40% - All maps for a 2 Gym demo release are finished and more maps are being designed!
                • Story 40 % - Story is coming along good, entire beginning parts of the game are evented!
                • Sprites 10% - Sprites are currently being designed and on the way
                • Music 70% - All Custom Battle Music is done with the exception of a few
                • Scripts 10% - Only public scripts are implemented, we really need a scripter!

                Method of Contact
                If you're interested in joining th team you can contact us at one of these Social Media:
                Add me on Discord: NtX (Pokemon Equality Dev)#7382
                Contact us by Email:
                Stay Tuned:D
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                Old October 13th, 2017 (8:28 PM). Edited October 13th, 2017 by 19thsword.
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                  The creation team for the Dark Rising 3 fan game is seeking new members to assist the project in various fields of development. The following positions are in need at this time (please note: we are only looking for people with experience in making fan games)-

                  Scripter- Writing text and implementing events into the game.
                  Programmer- Advanced coding required for the game to function as intended and add creative mechanics.
                  Note: The two positions listed above are of most urgency.

                  Mapper- Designing layouts for in-game areas.
                  Tile Inserter- Inserting tilesets into the game and creating custom tiles.
                  Note: We are using 5th gen style tiles.

                  Animator- Creating an animated opening for the game.
                  Artist- designing creative visuals for the game such as the title screen and other custom images.

                  The development team currently has 14 members who each focus on their specific role and contribute to the project on a daily basis. We use discord to hold group discussions concerning the game and have fun banters about various topics.

                  The title of the game, as stated previously, is Dark Rising 3. It is the final installment in the popular Rom Hack series that will be developed using Essentials v17.1. Progression of the game has been slow due to conflicts arising from former team members that resulted in the project being restarted. Currently, we are looking at around 8% completion, but that percentage is expected to increase rapidly over the next three weeks.

                  To apply, simply download the application form in this message & send it to the address within the documentation.
                  For more information on the series, please visit the official website:

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                  Old October 20th, 2017 (4:08 PM). Edited October 20th, 2017 by KevsterMister98.
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                  Pokemon Trainer
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                    Hey everyone, my name is Kevin, the "director" of the game! We are looking for spots!

                    The game is called Pokémon: Xi Arco, a retelling of the story from RBY and FrLg! More details are in the game's pokecommunity page!

                    What We Need:
                    ~~~Sprite Artists: We are very low on sprite artists unfortunately. Our game is in the gen4 style(HgSs), but for battles it would be Gen5. So overworlds would be HgSs sprites and battle sprites(Pokémon, Trainers) would be Gen5.
                    ~~~Scripter/Programmer: This is the area where we are really lacking. We would need someone who knows how to code and program since we're way behind on that section.

                    I know my post isn't flashy so sorry in advance xD Any help would greatly be appreciated!

                    The game overall is about 20% done. If you want more information DM me, or look at the game's page on here(the info is way better there than it is here!) Thank you!
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                    Old October 30th, 2017 (7:36 PM).
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                      POKEMON EVERRAIN

                      This project has been in development for about two years now consisting of a team of two. My counterpart is responsible for concept art for all the new Pokmon, Trainer classes and other newly added assets. Also most of the original Pokmon assets get a rework as we want to give this Fangame a clear own and recognizable art style whilst still staying true to that Pokemon feeling.

                      Myself on the other hand is responsible for the storyline, general setting of the game, as well as coming up with over 170 new Pokmon Designs, mechanics and moveset / stat changes for existing Pokemon. Additionally I will create a very own score for the game with great attention to detail. This for me is sort of the biggest and most exciting aspect as I can tie in my job as a Audio Engineer into this project.

                      Since both team members have a full time job development is done in late night sessions and holidays therfor we move at a somewhat slower pace but steadily.

                      What is done up to this point is a development plan (in my opinion one of the most important and yet so often overlooked things), the idea and Pokdex entry for allmost all 170 new Pokmon, drawn out and most often coloured concept art for around 90 of said Fakemons, a planned out region with a story script tied into it as well as the first routes and cities being mapped out.

                      Now some might see this as not far progressed but please bear in mind that we aim for a top notch quality and therfor spend countless of hours coming up with creative and exciting ideas for Fakemons that actually feel like they belong into the game and have some great backstories and links to the region as well as the lore of the game. The same goes with all the other content as well.

                      NOW COMING TO THE GAME IT SELF:

                      It resembles a somewhat more adult and darker approach to the Pokmon Franchise involving a meaningful plot driven storyline in a world where people and Pokmon can be hurt and die. The goal is to give the player an emotional journey with less of the typical light childhood feeling of the normal games.
                      The region called Melodiam is being terrorized by a neverending rain threatening to flood the whole region. Food became rare and so has clean drinking water. Money has become almost worthless due to hyperinflation and most items can only be obtained by trading food or other items necessary for survival although all stores still accept money but obtaining enough money to actually have some value in your pocket is quite hard.
                      Such a bitter state the world is in of course brings up the worst in some people. Gangs and organised crime organisations are formed that try to get a monopole on food and water forcing people to work for them or pay them in whatever goods they desire to keep up their untroubled lifestyle. Their aim is also to get rid of most Pokmon as they present a threat to their safety. No mafiosi wants a person fighting for the good let his Pikachu roast him after all.

                      You are a teenager that lost most of his fellow villagers as well as his family due to famine or illness. You remember reading about identical events that happend centuries ago and how a legendary Pokmon together with a group of commited heroes changed the fate of Melodiam by stopping the neverending rain and overlooking the restabalizing of the society. You go out there in the search of said legendary Pokmon and potential allies, fighting gangs, nature and starving Pokmon.

                      This is all oft he story that I want to reveal publicly.

                      In order to present this story in a meaningful and engaging way we plan to use an own tileset and graphics.

                      If all of this has made you curious and you want to get involved in the project message me on here, Discord (Feeniks#2485) or Skype (VarjoRR).

                      WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR:

                      Pixel artist(s) to turn our concept art into assets to be used in the game and more importantly to create our own custom tileset
                      Mapper(s) who can make Melodiam come to life in an unique and memorable style full with little details


                      Scripter who have the technical know how to make this great vision reality
                      Web Developers who can help with setting up the Wiki for Everrain

                      Depending on the amount of work you are willing to put in and the speed you work at we can offer you payment. (To be discussed privately. All payment agreements will be made by contract to reassure both parties)


                      Colourized Conceptart

                      One of the few Pixelart that do already exist

                      Concept art for a new type Eveelution

                      Colourized Concept Art

                      Early stage concept art

                      Our first draw for the starting town

                      Route 1

                      A first draw of a forest like route

                      We try to have some non linear routes to really keep it interesting

                      A little snippet of our list of new features

                      A small portion of our overview of new Pokmons (every one of them has its own file as well with more infos)

                      A snippet of our new types and some balance calculations


                      A sample of our indepth data on every Pokmon
                      Attached Files
                      File Type: pdf POKEMON EVERRAIN RECRUITMENT.pdf‎ (577.8 KB, 2 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                      I am the ocean I am the sea - there is a world inside of me.
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                        Recruiting a team member.

                        Team name: TBC
                        Team Leader: HackerTDog
                        Current members: Me, and my brother
                        Current game title: Pokecademy
                        Current progress: Main characters and features added along with tiles and maps.
                        Positions: Spriter (characters, tiles, title screen and region map)
                        Map designer
                        Story writer (dialogue, quests, cutscenes and main characters along with backstory)
                        Time zone: GMT: 0:00
                        Preferred method of contact: email me at
                        Additional info: You don't need lots of experience just motivation and dedication.
                        For more info visit the thread:
                        I just love pokémon but...I mean a key pokémon!
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                          Free hobbyist looking to help!

                          Place of interest: Story writing, character design (for personality, background and story), idealist.

                          i just started as a story writer, i am in 2 another fan game as a story writer and i am also writing my story for my own game. As for now i have done 1 story(My own) and 1 side quest(another fan game).

                          PLEASE DON'T MESSAGE ME HERE!!!
                          Message me at discord: 🔥Nameer Ahmed🔥#5266

                          I'll need to see if the project is worth helping, if not, then i am sorry.
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                          Old December 20th, 2017 (7:59 AM).
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                          Pokemon Astral Fan Gamer Maker
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                            I'm looking for a composer who is willing to work with me on my Project Pokémon Astral. I would very much like it if you would help me after the holidays. Please reply at your earliest convenience.
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                              Gender: Male
                              Posts: 18
                              Positions being recruited for: Beta testers
                              Team name: N/A
                              Team members: xima
                              Game title: Emerald Engine
                              Contact: Discord
                              Link to the Game: Thread
                              Current progress made:

                              Demo video:
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                              Old December 28th, 2017 (2:12 PM).
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                              beyond the stars...
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                                Recruiting a team member -
                                • Working title: Pokémon Stars
                                • Team name: N/A
                                • Team members: Just me at the moment
                                • Positions being recruited for: Tile artist capable of making tiles in a custom style; someone capable of creating sprites for fakemon, NPC overworlds, trainer sprites... What I'm trying to say here is I'm looking for spriters
                                • Current progress made: Programming wise, the foundations have been laid, and work on the main game (maps and whatnot) could begin... If I had tiles to map with (hence this post :P )
                                • Screenshots unique to the game:

                                • Preferred method of contact: On here, or Discord (@toby#8759, i'm on the PC discord if that helps)

                                As the game is based on Starbound, it would help if you have played it beforehand. This isn't a necessity , it just helps a lot for getting the style right.
                                If you're not a tile artist, spriter, concept artist or something like that, but still want to help, don't feel like you can't! It's just those positions are the ones I'm looking for the most, as the screenshots featuring the overworld show very well...
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                                Composer, Spriter, Fakemon Artist
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                                  Posts: 19
                                  Composer and artist looking for interesting projects.
                                  Message me here in private if interested.
                                  Here is my soundcloud for music:
                                  And my deviantart for graphic stuff:
                                  I'm interested in projects that need artworks, tiles, lighting, and animation.
                                  Purple Smeargle Fangame Music
                                  Purple Smeargle Fangame Art

                                  Always looking for fangames projects. I'm everywhere.
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                                      Recruiting new team members
                                      Position(s) being recruited for: Pixel Artists who can make custom overworld and battle sprites and custom tilesets, and a composer to make unique tracks for the game.
                                      Team name: Stratus Dreams Team
                                      Team members: currently myself
                                      Game title: Pokémon Stratus Dreams
                                      Current progress made: Alpha almost done (needs pixel work)
                                      Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread:
                                      Preferred method of contact: either email me at or PM me.
                                      Thank you!
                                      ~Pokemon Stratus Dreams~
                                      "Your dreams are forever limitless."
                                      Check out my new project!{XD}
                                      Coming soon!
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                                      game dev
                                        Join Date: May 2017
                                        Posts: 5
                                        Position(s) being recruited for:
                                        Mappers: a dedicated group of people to make maps
                                        Professors: I need a few people to add Pokemon DATA to the game! (Evolutions, Base Stats, Attacks, etc)

                                        Team name: N/A
                                        Team members: Just Me
                                        Game title: Project Legacy
                                        Current progress made: Game is ready for testing, I just need to add the actual Pokemon and maps.
                                        Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread OR At least 4 screenshots unique to your game: attachments
                                        Preferred method of contact: PM Me here.
                                        Additional information: (optional) Those screenshots are not how the final game will look, those are just place holders.
                                        Attached Images
                                        File Type: png 1.png‎ (123.0 KB, 18 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                        File Type: png 2.png‎ (62.8 KB, 17 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                        File Type: png 3.png‎ (159.7 KB, 18 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                        File Type: png 4.png‎ (115.4 KB, 13 views) (Save to Dropbox)
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                                          Location: Colorado
                                          Gender: Male
                                          Nature: Relaxed
                                          Posts: 1
                                          Recruiting Team Members

                                          Spriters - Capable of making tiles, fakemon, overworlds, and characters
                                          Programmer - Creating unique visuals and mechanics to the game
                                          Scriptor - Inputting quest into the maps
                                          Composer - Creates background music to fit scenarios
                                          Mapper - Creating maps based off story and tiles
                                          Writer/Side Quest Creator - Aiding in the main story and creating side quests

                                          Progress: I have created created about 10% of the story and made 2 smaller village/town maps. To view the story so far join the discord group

                                          Game Title: Pokemon Champions Will!
                                          Team Name: Undecided
                                          Team Members: Myself and an advertiser
                                          Preferred method of contact: Discord PM (Butterfly#3936)

                                          Join the Discord Group!
                                          Discord Code: uNYq8ta
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                                            • We aren't looking for any more members, we'll update it as soon as we need more.

                                            Team Members:
                                            Me (eventing) (mapping)
                                            Kirlial (spriting)
                                            Hokuai (spriting)
                                            NikkiBuns (spriting)

                                            Game Title: Pokémon: Orange Island's Secret Arc

                                            Current Progress: Mapping nearly done, Eventing just a few minutes in, Spriting nearly there aswell.

                                            Screenshots: While there is a thread for the game it isn't in PokéCommunity.

                                            Preferred method of contact:
                                            Either PM me on discord (xUMG#4982), or give me a PM here, tell me at what thing you could do help in, then I'll send you a discord link.

                                            -Thanks in advance!
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                                              Well, I think the title is very descriptive, specifically, I need someone capable of 4th gen sprites for characters both in-battle and overworld.

                                              The Main Point

                                              It has been more than two years a since I started to make this game "Pokémon DNA" using Pokémon Essentials, I'm hoping to end it by this year.

                                              I've been making it alone since the beginning, but the pixel art is still too much for me. I would be pleased to work with any interested.

                                              The Plot

                                              Scientist discover that Pokémon DNA adapts way faster than any other species DNA, so they begin to explore the capabilities of their genetic. Soon it will appear a group of scientist who don't want to stop in the stablished tabooes, and will try to create a pokémon from zero. The things goes out of control and the new pokémon start to destroy everything in its path.
                                              Our main character is a boy who years ago lost his home in the scientific accident. He made a promise to himself, when he turns 18, he will depart and join the Ranger Force. Who face the still free unethical scientific team.

                                              Some Screenshots

                                              Map of the Region

                                              Some In-game Maps (Global view)

                                              As mentioned before, due to the pokémon adapts to differents habitats, there are a few fakemon that only varies some aspects from their predecesors. Example:

                                              Above, two Golems; one from a volcano and the other from an icy land.

                                              Down, two Venusaurs, one from a coral reef and the other from a swamp.

                                              To finish, three in-game screenshots from the first island:


                                              If you are interested, please send me a mail to and I can give you my Whatsapp or Skype then. Tank for your time!
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                                              Old February 5th, 2018 (3:11 PM).
                                              ShinyTogedemaru ShinyTogedemaru is offline
                                              Pokemon Spirit Head Dev
                                                Join Date: Nov 2017
                                                Nature: Timid
                                                Posts: 2
                                                Team Member Recruitment
                                                Position(s) being recruited for: Just about anything (I know, it should be specific, but really, it's just me and one other person right now. The only thing I don't want is someone to make the story. I have that covered. Someone who can create 4/5th get sprites is my main thing to find rn :D).
                                                Team name: Team Soul
                                                Team members: Me and one other person
                                                Game title: Pokemon Spirit
                                                Current progress made: Only basic planning of things to add, and a considerable amount on the story
                                                Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread OR At least 4 screenshots unique to your game: Well, no development has been done on the actual coding, and all there is would be this:
                                                There's another ting that isn't there, however, the information is to be kept secret for now, as to surprise all that see it.
                                                Preferred method of contact: Discord. I'm GoldenVolcarona#2867
                                                Additional information: (optional) The story and the rest of the documents featured above aren't complete. Work is still to be done and many surprises await those who end their journey.
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                                                buttjuice's Avatar
                                                buttjuice buttjuice is offline
                                                  Join Date: Jul 2016
                                                  Gender: Male
                                                  Nature: Lax
                                                  Posts: 103
                                                  Position(s) being recruited for: 4th gen Overworld Spriters, Trainer Battle Spriters, 5th Gen Style Fakemon Spriters, Programmers, Fakemon Concepts, and Composers
                                                  Team name: Team Reliquia
                                                  Team members: Me (Team Leader, mapper, eventer, and writer), TrainerCord (Lead fakemon spriter, concept artist, and sketcher), Antsa (Helps with writing, and coming up with text for random NPCs), Fable (OW spriter, and fakemon spriter), Valmemed (Trainer spriter and back spriter)
                                                  Game title: Pokemon Umbra
                                                  Current progress made: 10 maps including 4 towns, 3 routes, and 2 caves. The intro where you meet the professor, some trainer battles, fun events in the first two towns, the starters sprites, and the female protagonist's different outfits.
                                                  Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread OR At least 4 screenshots unique to your game: Currently no thread since we've only been working for a few weeks, but here's links to some of the maps and some of the gifs
                                                  Map album:
                                                  Gif album:
                                                  Preferred method of contact: Discord, or PM me on here. Discord is "buttjuice#4790"
                                                  Info about the game: This game will be following the usual Pokemon formula, you're a trainer that has always lived in your cousins shadow and are getting fed up with it and wanting to finally show that you are something, and possibly better than them. One being a gym leader, the other being the regions champion, you decide to finally take on the gym challenges and will prove to not only yourself, but your family that you are a lot more than just your cousins shadows. It'll be a very interactive Fakemon fan game, you will have features like playing with Fakemon in the overworlds (similar to how you could play with Rockruff in USUM), doing things for people to get extra unnecessary items that could help you, following pokemon, two rivals, and a reputation/freindship mechanic that will change things and give optional events with whichever rival you decide to build the friendship with. Remember, this game is early in development and we still have a lot of stuff to do, and more things to plan out.
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