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Do you like sport?

Started by LuckyStar April 3rd, 2019 8:01 AM
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space adventure

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league of legends

(i don't really enjoy playing or watching sports tbh. not sure why, i'm mostly too lazy to participate myself and too easily bored to watch it i guess? but i have enjoyed some e-sports)


the pretender

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I don't mind sport, it can be pretty fun! My mum used to play basketball when she was in university and taught me when I was younger - since then I've enjoyed it, though have never gone much beyond playing casually. I also enjoy indoor rock climbing (though the height was daunting at first). Swimming was also fun once you learnt the different types of strokes and stopped almost drowning in the pool. I think it'd be fun to branch into other sports - I've always felt like learning martial arts could be fun. :D


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sports where i don't have to do much, i can enjoy football (soccer for you heathens) from time to time.

if e-sports count then that is a complete yes


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although I don't play sports

Football is my most favorite of all to watch, either on TV, or at the stadium, I prefer the atmosphere of the stadium
I keep up with all major tournaments (FIFA Worl Cup both men and women, EURO, CONCACAF Gold Cup, Copa America, OFC Nations Cup, African Cup of Nations - of course my favorite team is also my local team, Seattle Sounders FC)
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Cubie the Cube

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I'm not that much of a sporty guy, but I had my times there, I started with chess if it counts in this thread karate but after a year I retired to begin with archery in which I could've stayed weren't it because of college horaries


faint attack

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Not a huge sports person at all, which is kind of a huge departure from how I used to be when I was a kid.

When I was a kid, I was big into sports. Mainly basetball, soccer, and wrestling. I think as time passed by, I had less and less free time to catch-up on the latest sports news and whatnot, and eventually I became apathetic to sports altogether.


the princess without voice

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The only sport I really like is baseball otherwise I don't care about sports much. But growing up in a baseball town, I've grown to like it. I only really played it as a kid casually. My brother wanted to become a professional baseball player when he was little and actually was on the baseball team in middle school and high school so I watched a lot of his games. I was really into soccer as a kid. I loved playing before school and was really good when I was younger. I tried out for the soccer team freshman year but quit after three days cause I just couldn't handle all the running and physical work and endurance needed to play on the team.
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Roaming Sinnoh

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I'm into motorsports, regularly watching F1, MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, and SBK and catching up with what happens in some other major series (especially IndyCar which I rarely watch live due to the time zone differences). Also I follow cycling, though only major races like the Grand Tours, most Classics, the World Championship and sporadic other WT races.

I watch other sports mostly when there's something big going on like the Olympics or European/World Championships of swimming, and sometimes soccer when there's the World Cup or European Cup (though to be fair I've followed the latest two mostly because there's a channel here which airs a comedian group's comment of the matches, so that in the end I end up following them more for the sillyness of the comedians rather than the matches themselves).


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Somewhat, yes. I grew up mostly watching baseball... preferably the Red Sox. It was something that my dad and I connected with as a I got older. He doesn't pay much attention to them now because of something to do with the MLB's restrictions for viewing them on TV or whatever. :/ I still follow the team Twitter and some of my favorite players. <3 Seeing how I like baseball, I'm also somewhat found of the Arizona Diamondbacks since we moved to Arizona from Maine.
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Azalea Town
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Well I prefer the "fun" version of Sports. Where you're just a couple of friends having fun, no one really caring what the outcome is.

Most of the time back in our Childhood, we spent more time making up our own Sports than actually playing conventional ones! It was just how it was then. Fun little ones like Hand-Ball at the Table with a little ball, and each Player on the 4 sides of the Table has their own Net made with empty Pasta Cans!

However I suppose it's something like Fighting as a Sport, (not the rough gruff angry WWE kind though), or Basketball, Volleyball.
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