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This is fine.

A cape
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Hmph! I am quite disappointed, at least I was expecting it.
Competitively, it sounds like an improved version of Registeel. I wonder what its ability will be, Clear Body would be an easy guess. Maybe a signature ability shared with Meltan? Oh wait, it could be Iron Fists... Hmm...
It'll be a while before we find out. No Abilities in LGPE!


Lavendar Town
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It'll be a while before we find out. No Abilities in LGPE!
Exactly! We will probably gonna have to wait for the next Gen's release/leaks...
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Fictional Writer.

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Haha. I guess I can't get any closer with my guess than that. I had a feeling all the Meltan coming together was a reference to the number of candies that would be needed. As well as being similar to Beldum. But that part was kinda obvious.

I guess this is the only evolution it has since they said that was the end of research. So this is officially a Generation 7 pokemon as well it seems.

I love how it looks like a Mechanical Regi. It also reminds me a lot of Wrecking Ball from Ben 10 saga.


Taisho era
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I like its design ~ The idea of fusing to evolve's also awesome ~
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