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for those of you who have plushies, how do you organize them? im genuinely curious. do you dedicate a specific space in your room for them? where are they, usually?


used Jump Kick! It's super effective!

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All over my bed
Be strong, TheUncreativeSawsbuckFan. You're perfect as you are
"Do what you feel, the more absurd the better
Don't be afraid whatever you got, show
Flaunt your personality"


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My entire collection is a cluttered mess due to lack of adequate and efficient shelf space usage. My plushes specifically are mostly in stackable baskets, but those are piled messily because the baskets are overflowing, so I've had to store some plushes elsewhere on shelves next to figures. And then there's the life-size Furret, who currently sits on top of two other huge plushes of mine because he's 5'11" from tip of tail to front of his face.


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I...I don't. =( I just stick them wherever they fit because I don't have enough cabinets or display cases lol.

sheep x bobandbill 5ever


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Newest front and center! Then I rotate out whenever I feel like some plushes aren't getting enough attention. <3

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