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If you could create a new pokemon type...

Started by Shiva2932 September 12th, 2019 11:33 AM
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If you could create a new pokemon typing, what would it be called? What would be it's strengths or weaknesses? Moves?

I'd think I would like to create the Crystal type. Weak against fighting, steal but maybe strong against fire and rock I can see quite a few pokemon. Many pokemon of this type would have moves to buff their stats.

Name: Ghost
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Still waiting for the sound type! We have so many Pokémon that would be good for it, like Whismur and Kricketot's lines. Strong against psychic and weak to water and ground, maybe??

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Well, I think a smoke Type would be interesting. Weak against water but with many benefits like Spirit Pokemon they have. Nebulak is a gas pokemon so it would go in that direction. With attacks like smogons smog attack or other various poison attacks would probably be his specialty. But of course there should also be TYPE specific attacks such as smoke barrier or oxygen deprivation, in the latter case the opponent would be dealt damage each round. As with the winding attack. That would be my idea.


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Posted September 13th, 2019
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One thing I've noticed quite frequently is that new type concepts tend to revolve around things such as senses (sight, hearing, etc.) and unique manifestations of existing things (such as gold). However, I have never actually seen a Pokemon game delve into the concept of a colour-based type. If I could make a new type, it'd be the 'Chroma' type, and would revolve around the manipulation of colours. For example, an attack could involve the mixture of two colours representing two types of elements. A red-based attack could inflict burns on the opponent, while blue could cause freezing. This may sound quite overpowered with each colour connecting to another type of attack, however I'd weigh it down with some significant weaknesses and not too many seriously overpowered Pokemon (I also would try not to make it the region-centric type like fairy was in XYZ, because having a region focus on one type primarily is boring).

Chroma > Rock
Chroma > Ground
Chroma > Water
Chroma < Fire
Chroma < Fairy
Chroma > Electric
Chroma > Ghost
Chroma < Psychic
Chroma < Dark
Chroma < Grass
Chroma - Steel
Chroma - Fighting
Chroma - Normal
Chroma - Flying
Chroma - Ice
Chroma - Dragon
Chroma - Bug
Chroma - Poison

I also kind-of feel like if Chroma was to be added to any already-existing Pokemon's types, it'd probably be a secondary type, not to replace the Pokemon's first type. I don't remember off the top of my head any Pokemon who'd be a glaring fit for this type, so Pokemon with only the Chroma typing would have to be mostly brand new. Same with the moves, only a select few current moves would work well with the type, besides them it'd probably be all new stuff.

Unlike types like Fairy and Dark which have a general association to respective allegiances (fairy tends to represent good while dark represents bad), Chroma would represent quite a neutral perspective, much like the three starter types.
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I feel like a Plasma type would be interesting. Like, any amorphous, energy based Pokémon like Rotom, Slugma, Cosmog, Ditto, etc.

Or we can always just get Double Fairy for funsies. (´▽`ʃƪ)♡


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I'd like to see a Sound type still in the future. I really think that would be the most likely new type to happen if they ever do add a new type in Pokemon. I also would think it'd be cool if they'd made a Synthetic/Manmade type that is for Pokemon that were made by humans/influenced by humans such as Porygon, Casform, Baltoy and etc.
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