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Old 4 Weeks Ago (2:23 PM).
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    Originally Posted by Otter Mii-kun View Post
    Given that you can move in virtually any direction/angle in Generation VII, and that there's only so many buttons available on the 3DS, and that some of those had to be reassigned for other uses, there is some logic as to why you can only use the circle pad to walk. Then again, a lot of things in the Pokémon games don't make much sense to begin with, though.

    The big thing that really peeves me about any of the mainline Pokémon games is that the RNG system seems to be heavily biased in favor of NPC trainers during battles, especially with moves that inflict status and suffering from status conditions in battle.
    Example: When any of my Pokémon get confused, they attack themselves much more often than the advertised 50% rate, yet when I inflict confusion on opponents, they rarely hit themselves before the effect wears off.

    Example 2: With paralysis, when a Pokémon I'm fielding gets paralyzed, it'll go into full paralysis more frequently than opponents that my Pokémon paralyze.

    Example 3: Though this isn't necessarily limited to trainer battles, whenever I use multi-strike moves like Fury Attack or moves like Wrap in Generation I, those moves usually only hit two times for me, yet when opponents use them, more often than not they'll hit at least three times, and frequently at the maximum hits possible (five).
    Yes, very true and very frustrating. I always find my Pokemon missing when it counts and the opponent gets a critical right when the odds are in my favor.
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    Old 4 Weeks Ago (10:28 PM).
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    There are plenty of ways of making the game harder without having to bias the RNG. If they're concerned about difficulty, they should give us higher level trainers, not an unfair system for moves with random effects.
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      Steel-Types resisting Ghost and Dark before Gen VI. It seems pretty arbitrary, and made the Steel Type somewhat overpowered...

      ...Or maybe I'm just bitter after having to fight a Steel-Type specialist immediately followed by two four six Pawniards with my glaringly Steel-ineffective Black 2 team. >:| (Another pet peeve - the fact that, between those two battles, I interact with both my True-Neutral scientist acquaintance who has a vested interest in how my Pokemon perform and my enforcer-of-justice childhood friend, and yet nobody bothers to do the whole "NPC-magically-heals-your-Pokemon" thing. THANKS A LOT, GUYS)
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      Old 4 Weeks Ago (2:15 PM).
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      items not being allowed to be send to pokebank... game freak pls

      "Hmm! My sturdy Pokémon, defeated!"
      sun + moonultra sun + moon
      trainer tournament
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      Old 4 Weeks Ago (4:00 PM).
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        Not being able to escape from a Pokemon that is <10 levels lower than your Pokemon.
        First Pokemon Playthrough: Pokemon SoulSilver
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        Old 3 Weeks Ago (10:13 AM).
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          Originally Posted by ZeoStar View Post
          In gen 1 I hate having to save every time I switch boxes. There also isn't pictures next to the Pokemon, so if I nicknamed something, it takes a painfully long time to find it.

          As an owner of a Pokemon Blue cartridge, this x100.
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            YES im so glad this thread exists. I was going to make a similar thread until i saw this.

            Once while wondertrading, I got 3 mons whom I dislike in a row: Furfrou, Carbrink, and ALOLAN Meowth. Getting the ALOLAN Meowth was the worst of the 3. That stupid smug look on its face makes it seem like its purposely trolling me or something. It’s better than getting a gazillion Wingull or Magikarp, but there is still no way I’m ever going to use some psyducking smug assdick and his ugly evo. I think those Alolan douchewagons may be my least favourite evo line in the games.

            That’s all I have, but I feel there is another one I forgot and I’m planning to post it here too.

            Edit: No wait, I remembered. My Absol in UM is a psyducking baws. With Super luck and Scope lens, he crits nearly all the time. Even X scissor crits a lot. However, he. Dies. To. Psyducking. EVERYTHING. Especially if it can hit him super effectively. I so can’t wait to gt his mega stone.
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