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I have now made it to the end of the Water Crystal segment of FFV. I'm enjoying the game so far, but as of yet I'm not finding it as compelling as other FF instalments. That being said, while a lot of the character choices have been predictable and their personalities are rather bland so far - outside of Faris - there's still a lot of the game left for that to be remedied and FF games are often a slow burn for that sort of thing I'm learning. I am very curious as to the overarching plot though, I'm clueless about that one.

As per the rules of FourJobFiesta (for a standard run of the challenge) I'm currently restricted to the Thief and Red Mage jobs. This is... not ideal. It could also have been a lot worse though, at least I have both some fire power and healing now, albeit to a more limited extent for both than if I had speciality mages.

Oh this is cool! Great work <3 (your CSS is fine btw lmao)

I'll go ahead and in light of fourjobfiesta, put FFV down as mine and I'll start getting onto that today hopefully (eek)
Curious to see how your run goes since you're also doing fjf.