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Started by Sheep November 18th, 2021 8:13 PM
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Finally went to Ramanas Park....
... so now I'm in the Undergound trying to get the Mysterious shards....

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No clue...lol. My friend took my Switch to trade Pokémon to complete the Dex and beat the Elite 4 for me. Not gonna lie but I got rather bored with it kinda fast. Like it didn't seem all that exciting like I thought it would be.
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Just cleared out the Galactic Veilstone building. Running my first Nuzlocke challenge; definitely brings a whole new level of strategy and emotion to the game. Still mourning the loss of my Onix, Roxanne. She was only 19.

But I can't remember the last time I enjoyed the strategy of battling before the Nuzlocke challenge. Highly suggest you try one if you haven't yet.


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Trying to beat Candice. I'm playing a nuzlocke of the game and I wiped once to her. I'm struggling because I didn't pick Chimchar. My Rapidash didn't fare well the first time, so I'm quite scared for my new Houndoom lol
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