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    Pokemon solo challenge - Fire Red - Slowbro
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      Game: Sun

      For this run I traded in a Drampa egg from my Moon game. I was torn between Drampa or Oranguru, but in the end decided on a Pokemon I wanted to use in Moon but didn't manage to. Ikaika the Munchlax was the Happy Hour event Pokemon.

      State of the team heading into Route 4.


      Ailani the Careful Trumbeak, Female, Lv 18
      Ability: Keen Eye
      Item: Sharp Beak
      Moves: Pluck, Thief, Echoed Voice, Brick Break

      Leilani the Jolly Yungoos, Female, Lv 17
      Ability: Strong Jaw
      Item: Silk Scarf
      Moves: Tackle, Leer, Thief, Bide

      Ikaika the Impish Munchlax, Male, Lv 17
      Ability: Thick Fat
      Item: Leftovers
      Moves: Chip Away, Metronome, Amnesia, Brick Break

      Marama the Timid Drampa, Female, Lv 18
      Ability: Berserk
      Item: Quick Claw
      Moves: Glare, Echoed Voice, Twister, Protect

      Kamalei the Impish Alolan Rattata, Male, Lv 18
      Ability: Gluttony
      Item: Normalium Z
      Moves: Thief, Hyper Fang, Quick Attack, Bite

      Olina the Jolly Spearow, Female, Lv 17
      Ability: Keen Eye
      Item: Normalium Z
      Moves: Aerial Ace, Fury Attack, Leer, Pursuit

      Completed Runs:
      Monotype: Normal (Black 2, Omega Ruby, Sun), Dark (Y), Ghost (Y), Flying (Y), Grass (Y), Fighting (Y)
      Monocolour: Green (White), White (Y)
      Time Warp: Progressive Era (White, Y)
      Solo: Lapras (Y)
      Potterlocke (Y)
      Monosize XS (Sun)
      Trainer Personality Examination (White)
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        Ultimate Fighting White update:

        I have now started my adventure in Unova!

        Progress report:
        • Started a new game
        • Chose Tepig as my partner
        • Battled Bianca and Cheren
        • Visited Professor Juniper
        • Named Tepig ”Danger Pig”
        • Reached Accumula Town
        • Battled N
        • Left for Striaton City
        • Battled Bianca
        • Reached Striaton City
        • Battled Cheren in Trainer's School
        • Defeated Cress and got the Trio Badge
        • Encountered Team Plasma in the Dreamyard
        • Left for Nacrene City
        • Defeated Team Plasma with the help of Cheren
        • Reached Nacrene City
        • Caught Timburr and named him ”Dakim”
        • Defeated Lenora after a couple of tries and got the Basic Badge
        • Caught Throh (should probably have done this before the gym) and named him ”Teddy”
        • Defeated Team Plasma in Pinwheel Forest and retrieved the Dragon Skull
        • Arrived in Castelia City

        Current team:

        Danger Pig the Timid Pignite Lv. 22
        Arm Thrust | Tail Whip | Flame Charge | Defense Curl

        Dakim the Quirky Timburr Lv. 22
        Sheer Force
        Low Kick | Rock Throw | Wake-Up Slap | Work Up

        Teddy the Quiet Throh Lv. 21
        Inner Focus
        Vital Throw | Work Up | Retaliate | Seismic Toss
        Current challenge(s):

        Challenge type: Ultimate
        Pokémon type: Fighting
        Game(s): Firered, Soulsilver, Sapphire, Pearl, White, Y
        Current progress: Firered 8/8, Soulsilver 16/16, Sapphire 8/8, Pearl 8/8, White 8/8, Y 1/8
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        Alright, I am formerly Pendraflare, so here's a challenge that I completed just today.

        Username: Swagroar
        Pokémon type: Dark
        Challenge Mode: Normal
        Game: Moon
        Other rules: Set battle style, did not use bag items in battle outside of Poké Balls

        Since it's all already finished, I'm just gonna list summaries of the important battles:
        Totem Raticate: First time I failed, even after using a Revive. Second time I started with Dump (Grimer), took a Tackle for 1/5, and used Poison Gas…only to discover it had a Pecha Berry. After it summoned a Rattata and they both ganged up on me, I used Poison Gas again…and the Raticate avoided the attack but not the Rattata. I survived another gang attack with 1 HP and managed to poison the Raticate that time, then was finished. Then I used Whiff (Meowth), and hit the Raticate with Fake Out for not much at all. After a Quick Attack from the Rattata, they were both at half health. Then I got in a Growl, and was hit with Scary Face then avoided a Tackle from the Rattata. I was ganged up on for 1/3 my total health and used another Growl. Then I switched to Scavenger (Rattata), was ganged up on, and used Quick Attack on the Raticate, which finished it off after all that poison. The Rattata missed, allowing me to finish it.
        MVP: Dump for allowing me to poison it, which was a major help.

        Kahuna Hala: I started with Plump (Vullaby) against Mankey, and took a Karate Chop for one point over 1/3 my health, but I used Pluck and OHKO’d with a critical hit.
        Makuhita was next and used Fake Out for not much, then I hit with Pluck for over half while Arm Thrust hit only twice. Another Pluck finished him.
        Crabrawler was last, and I switched out for Meowth as he used his Z-Move and killed me. I went over to Sly Fox (Litten), and used Fire Fang…which somehow did not even a quarter of his health before he used Leer. I used another, then he hit with Power-Up Punch for 2/3 my health. After one more Fire Fang got him below half, he used Pursuit and killed me. I went to Scavenger…and missed with Quick Attack before he killed me. I used Dump and he used Leer, then Acid Spray got him into the red. He used Leer again (why?) before I finished him with Acid Spray for the win.
        MVP: Plump for taking care of his first two, but Dump for handling Crabrawler, even if that was because of him being dumb.

        Totem Wishiwashi: I began by having Plump use Pluck and take its Sitrus Berry. It didn’t do much, but it got rid of its Sitrus Berry, which is good. And it started by using…Soak? Okay then, and it summoned another Wishiwashi. I then used Torment to ensure I won’t be taking damage every turn. It then hit me with Growl. As the ally used Helping Hand, I hit with Gust before the big one used Water Gun for over a third of my health despite resistance. Then it used Growl (while the ally used a pointless HH) after taking another Gust. Then it used Water Gun, which was boosted by HH, and brought me below 1/5 my health after another hit. It used Growl again (and once again the ally only used HH) after another Gust, then next turn it took another Gust then killed me, but I got it below half. I brought in Scavenger, and the ally used Helping Hand, but it didn’t matter because I used my Z-Move on base of Hyper Fang, which killed it. The ally only used Helping Hand, which meant nothing, and after a missed Hyper Fang I finished it off.
        MVP: I have to go with Plump, particularly for getting rid of that berry with Pluck. Who would have thought that a Vullaby would be essential for such a scary fish? The Z-Move may not have mattered.

        Totem Salazzle: Whiff was slightly weakened and burned from the Magmar that the Hiker used. I wasn’t at a computer when I did this one, and I don’t remember it all the way, but I do remember lowering its Defense to -4 with Screech, weakening it with Bite, and Scavenger killed it from 2/3 or so with the Z-Move on base of Hyper Fang. The Salandit got the boot shortly after.
        MVP: Scavenger for managing to kill it.

        Totem Lurantis: I started with Whiff and took a Solar Blade, which thankfully because of Fur Coat did less than half and allowed me to use Screech on it. Then it called upon a Trumbeak, and as it started up another Solar Blade I got in another Screech as the Trumbeak used Supersonic. Then Lurantis unleashed Solar Blade, got me to 1/5, but then I took confusion damage and lived, then Trumbeak used Screech. Lurantis started up Solar Blade and I snapped out of confusion, but Bite did less than half to Trumbeak. I brought in Sly Fox (Torracat), Lurantis unleashed Solar Blade and did less than half, and I used Inferno Overdrive on base of Fire Fang, which slammed Lurantis in one shot. Trumbeak then used Supersonic, however, so I switched to Metamorph (Umbreon) and took a Pluck for pretty weak damage. I was faster and scored a critical hit Feint Attack, which almost killed it. Then I took another Pluck, then finished it with one more Feint Attack.
        MVP: Both Whiff and Sly Fox get half of this one. The former for the Screeches and the latter for the OHKO.

        Kahuna Olivia: I started with Whiff against Nosepass, and began with a Fake Out to break her Sturdy. Then I went for Screech, but she unfortunately paralyzed me. But I was still faster, and Bite looked to do 1/3 her health and she flinched. But then I got fully paralyzed and she used Rock Slide, but it did 10 HP to me. I used another Bite before a light hit. Another Rock Slide finished it.
        Boldore came next, and Bite didn’t do much at all before her Headbutt hit me for a little more than Nosepass did. I then got in a Screech before she used Headbutt again. But then I missed with Screech before another Headbutt. I hit next turn, then was brought to 9 HP with Headbutt. I then got fully paralyzed, sadly, and Headbutt finished me. I brought in Scavenger and used Crunch, which, of course, missed, as Headbutt did roughly 1/4 my health. I missed again before taking another Headbutt. Then I used Crunch, finally hit, and scored a probably unneeded critical hit to kill her.
        Lycanroc was last. I switched to Plump hoping she would waste her Z-Move…but she did not use the Z-Move. Instead she just used Rock Throw, which OHKO'd me. I then went to Metamorph and used Baby-Doll Eyes…before she used the Z-Move, which did 1/3 my health. I used another Baby-Doll Eyes, so her Rock Throw did 1/8 my health. I took another Rock Throw and used Sand-Attack to hopefully cause her to miss later. I took another Rock Throw for just over 1/3 my remaining health, before Feint Attack didn’t do much to her. I got a Quick Claw in and used another Feint Attack, before she missed with Rock Throw. She missed with Rock Throw before taking another Feint Attack, then she hit next turn and I got her into the red. I switched to Sly Fox, only for her to use a Super Potion. Rock Throw did just over half, and Lick didn’t paralyze her. She didn’t miss next turn, and killed me. I brought in Dump, and thankfully she missed with Rock Throw, allowing me to use Minimize. She missed with Rock Throw again, and I got in another Minimize. She missed again, and I used Poison Fang, which didn’t do much. Same thing next turn. And the next one, except I get the poison…only for her to use the Full Heal. My goodness, these Kahunas are as prepared as possible, aren’t they? But it didn’t matter because she used Bite for a weak hit before I finished her off. Whew! That fight took like 12 minutes, my goodness.
        MVP: Not sure. I guess Metamorph was a real help when it came to getting in Baby-Doll Eyes on Lycanroc, and Whiff helped with a few Screeches.

        Totem Vikavolt: I led with Sly Fox, who was at full health. Knowing it had the Occa Berry, I started with Fire Fang but didn’t use the Z-Move, and that got rid of its berry while its Bug Bite only did 1/4 my health. Then it summoned a Charjabug, and I used the Z-Move but that didn’t quite do the trick. Charjabug also paralyzed me and Vikavolt used Charge. I switched in Metamorph as Vikavolt used Charge again for…some reason, and Charjabug used String Shot. I got the Quick Claw and finished off Vikavolt with Feint Attack before Charjabug paralyzed me. I then took a light Vice Grip while Feint Attack did okay. I switched Grimer into a Vice Grip, took another, and used Rock Tomb, which almost did the job. Bite finished the Charjabug.
        MVP: Sly Fox was by far the most prominent one in that fight so yeah :P

        First fight against Guzma: I began with Metamorph against Golisopod, and switched Dump into his Swords Dance thinking he’d use First Impression. He used Razor Shell and OHKO’d, then I went to Desiigner (Pangoro) and used the Z-Move on base of Rock Tomb, which did more than half and activated his Emergency Exit, bringing out Ariados.
        I switched to Metamorph, as his Fell Stinger did less than half my health but still a chunky hit. I missed Screech and took another Fell Stinger, then he went first and killed me, which drastically boosted his Attack. I brought in Whiff and used Fake Out for a pretty weak hit, then used Screech before he missed with Fell Stinger because of my Lax Incense. I then used Bite, which did over half, but he hit with Fell Stinger and OHKO’d, maxing his Attack. I brought in Scavenger and finished him with Sucker Punch.
        Golisopod came back in, so I switched to Desiigner and took over half from First Impression. I hit with Rock Tomb, which didn’t quite finish him, before he finished me with Razor Shell. I brought in Scavenger, and finished him with Crunch…and to taunt me, I score the critical hit on the unneeded turn, which is annoying.
        This isn’t an opponent seriously worthy of declaring an MVP.

        Totem Mimikyu: I started with Metamorph, and used Baby-Doll Eyes, and it missed with Play Rough, which, sure, I’ll take! It summoned a Haunter, and I got a pointless Quick Claw activation because I used Baby-Doll Eyes, and it used Mimic and learned that move while Haunter missed with Hypnosis. Mimikyu hit with Play Rough…for less than half. That says that I might've lived even without using Baby-Doll Eyes at all, which is pretty interesting. Unfortunately, Haunter hit with Hypnosis. Mimikyu missed with Play Rough again, but Haunter used Night Shade and I stayed asleep. I somehow lived another Play Rough, but Haunter finished me. I brought in Whiff, Play Rough did 1/3 thanks to Fur Coat, and I used Bite to get rid of Mimikyu’s disguise. Unfortunately, Haunter hit with Hypnosis again. Mimikyu used Baby-Doll Eyes as Haunter used Night Shade. Mimikyu missed with Play Rough again, and Haunter used Night Shade. It hit with Play Rough and finished me. I brought in Scavenger, hit with Sucker Punch for what looked like 1/3, and Haunter hit with Hypnosis. Mimikyu then killed me with Play Rough. I brought in Dump, and took a Play Rough for less than 1/3 my total health, but Haunter hit with Night Shade to drop me below half as I used Minimize. Unfortunately, Mimikyu used Baby-Doll Eyes, Haunter’s Night Shade got me to 1/5, and my Crunch got Mimikyu below half. Mimikyu used Shadow Claw, which I survived, and Haunter used Hypnosis and missed. Mimikyu then hit with Shadow Claw, unfortunately, and finished me. I brought in Desiigner, but Mimikyu used Baby-Doll Eyes, and thankfully Haunter missed with Hypnosis. After another Baby-Doll Eyes, I used another Bullet Punch and finally the Mimikyu was no more. Haunter missed with Hypnosis, leaving me with just that to contend with. It hit next turn and put me to sleep, but it only used Lick second turn. Then it used Night Shade before I woke up and used Rock Tomb, which even for -2 Attack did over a third its health. After another Rock Tomb, I had it below a third as it missed…but then I missed with Rock Tomb and it used Hypnosis. But I woke up and finished the Haunter with Rock Tomb. Whew! That took over 12 minutes (though that does owe in part to me typing all this out).
        MVP: Metamorph managing to get in those Baby-Doll Eyes turns were very helpful. I did get pretty darn lucky with all those Play Rough misses, I must admit. That kinda made me feel bad about abandoning it for a Sandile almost immediately after.

        Second fight against Guzma: I started with Chunky (Sandile) against Golisopod, got off an Intimidate, and switched to Whiff, who even with that and Fur Coat still took almost 2/3 from First Impression. Power Gem did less than half, but he only used Swords Dance, allowing me to use another Power Gem and have Emergency Exit force him out to Ariados. I switched into Sly Fox (Incineroar) for that, took a Fell Stinger for less than 1/4, then another…only to miss with Fire Fang. After another Fell Stinger got me to 1/4, I hit with Fire Fang and killed him. Golisopod came back in, and I switched Desiigner into a Razor Shell, which did over half and lowered my Defense! Yikes! But I was faster and finished him off. (Also, Incineroar gained 1336 EXP against the Golisopod. Come on…)
        This isn’t an opponent seriously worthy of declaring an MVP.

        Kahuna Nanu: I started with Whiff against Sableye, and he used Fake Out for 8 damage and the flinch. I then used Screech before he used Power Gem for less than 1/3 my remaining health. I used another Screech before another Power Gem. I used Bite, which even after that didn’t kill, before I took another Power Gem, which I lived. He healed with a Hyper Potion, but two more Bites finished him.
        Krokorok was next, and I was thankfully faster and got in a Screech before he killed me with Earthquake. I brought in Desiigner, and he used Swagger, which caused me to hit myself for just under 1/3. I switched out for Dump (Muk), who lived his Earthquake with 2 HP before he used another to finish me. I went to Scavenger, and he used Earthquake, which did over half, but I went for the Z-Move on base of Hyper Fang, which OHKO’d.
        Persian was last, and he used Fake Out for an extremely weak hit before I used Quick Attack for a critical hit that did around 30%. I lived a Power Gem with 4 HP, and switched to Chunky, got off an Intimidate, and took a Power Gem for less than 1/4. Dark Pulse did less than half my remaining health, but I got in Bulldoze to lower his Speed even though he was still above half. Another Dark Pulse caused me to flinch, so I switched to Desiigner and took an absolutely laughable Dark Pulse. I took a Power Gem despite it hitting a little hard for a resisted attack, but Vital Throw finished him.
        MVP: Both Desiigner and Scavenger were helpful here.

        Third fight against Guzma: To be honest, I was a little over-leveled for this fight, haha (all my team was Level 42 with one at 43). That being said, I started with Dump against Golisopod, and Rock Tomb did less than half, but he only used Swords Dance so we were good. Poison Jab did roughly the same, and poisoned him, and forced him out to Masquerain, which triggered Intimidate. He used Bug Buzz, which did slightly under half, and Rock Tomb left him with 1 HP (!!!). He used Bug Buzz again, I lived it with just over 1/10 my health, and killed with Poison Jab.
        Next was Golisopod again, and he used First Impression to finish off Dump. I brought in Chunky (Krokorok), who got off a pointless Intimidate as I killed him with Rock Tomb.
        Pinsir was next. I switched to Whiff…who was OHKO’d by X-Scissor. Uh-oh! I brought in Desiigner, who lived a Brick Break with 1/5…only to miss with Rock Tomb. He then killed me. I brought in Chunky and got an Intimidate in, allowing me to survive his X-Scissor in the red, and hit with Rock Tomb for less than half, but lowering his Speed. I switched to Scavenger, lived an X-Scissor in the red, and used the Z-Move on base of Double-Edge, finishing him off.
        Ariados was last, and I switched to Sly Fox, and took a Fell Stinger for less than 1/3 my health. Another got me just near half, and Fire Fang didn’t kill. I took one more, surviving it in the red (presumably because of Swarm), and finished him with Darkest Lariat. Wow, that was scary.
        I’m not sure if this opponent was worthy of declaring an MVP for, but Chunky helped with those Intimidates, Dump warded off Golisopod, and Sly Fox did the finishing hit.

        Aether President Lusamine: I started with Dump against Clefable, but she began with Cosmic Power. Even with that, my Poison Jab did over half. She used Metronome and got…Dark Void, which failed because she wasn’t Darkrai, haha. I killed her with Poison Jab.
        Next was Milotic. I stayed in, she started with Safeguard and I opened with Rock Tomb, which didn’t do much aside from lowering her Speed. She was still faster, and used Hydro Pump, which did over half, as my Crunch got her low. After some thinking, I switched to Whiff, who lived her Hydro Pump with 13 HP. I used Fake Out, which didn’t do much at all, aside from flinching her. I used Bite, which she barely lived…but she flinched! However, she then switched…
        And out came Bewear, who took virtually nothing from Bite. I used Screech to half her Defense before she killed me with Take Down. I brought in Chunky for the Intimidate, then switched to Dump, as she used…Baby-Doll Eyes? She was still faster, but thanks to the Intimidate I lived her Take Down with 10 HP. However, my Poison Jab didn’t do much. She missed with Hammer Arm, allowing me to get her below half. She used Hammer Arm, which killed me but LOWERED HER SPEED - which allowed me to bring in Desiigner, but I realized I forgot to re-teach Brick Break, which left me stuck with using Vital Throw. She used Baby-Doll Eyes anyway, but I still killed her with Vital Throw.
        Lilligant came next. After a bit of thought, I stayed in, and she used Teeter Dance, so I hit myself for not much. She used Teeter Dance again for some reason, and I hit myself again. She used Teeter Dance AGAIN, and I hit myself again. THEN she used Stun Spore, and I hit myself in confusion AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! That was 0 for 4. Even with a lowered chance of working, confusion still only exists to **** up your life. I was seriously about to throw my 3DS across the room after that. She used Teeter Dance again, then I snapped out of confusion. Then she finally used Petal Dance, which killed me. I brought in Sly Fox, and took less than a third from Petal Dance, so I killed her with Fire Fang.
        Next up was Milotic again, and it killed me with Hydro Pump. I brought in Scavenger and finished her with Quick Attack.
        Finally was Mismagius. I stayed in and used Sucker Punch, which OHKO’d her, ending the fight. Whew!
        MVP: I’d have to go with Dump for handling most of her team, but Whiff gets co-MVP for that Screech against Bewear.

        Kahuna Hapu: I started with Sly Fox against Dugtrio. She opened with Sandstorm, but I OHKO’d with Fire Fang.
        Mudsdale was next. Yikes! I switched to Dump, who was OHKO’d with her Z-Move. I brought in Raticate and used my Z-Move, on base of Giga Impact, but even with all of that it only did like 62% or something. I used Giga Impact again, which got her into the red, before she used Double Kick and killed me. I brought Incineroar back in and finished her with Fire Blast before the sandstorm subsided.
        Gastrodon was next. Not sure of what else to do, I stayed in and used Darkest Lariat, which only did 1/4 her health. But she missed with Muddy Water. I used it again, and scored a critical hit, which got her to 37% or so. She hit with Muddy Water, leaving me just above 1/3, and lowering my accuracy. I then missed, but so did she. I hit next turn, and scored another critical hit, killing her. Sweet.
        Flygon was last. I switched to Whiff, took an Earth Power for 2/3 (yikes!), and used Fake Out just to rough her up a little bit. She was still faster (?!) and killed me with Earth Power. I brought in Desiigner, took over half from Earth Power, and she looked to take half from Crunch…and I got the Defense drop. She killed me, but I brought in Chunky (Krookodile), and after a pointless Intimidate, took less than half from Earth Power, then finished her with Crunch for the win.
        MVP: This is an unusual choice, but Sly Fox performed extremely well for a Pokémon weak to Ground, and if it weren’t for that Z-Move we might have been in for a tough fight against that Mudsdale, so Scavenger also gets partial credit.

        Totem Kommo-o: I started with Scavenger…forgetting I was slower and got slammed with Sky Uppercut. Then I brought in Chunky and got off the Intimidate as it called upon an ally Hakamo-o. I survived a Sky Uppercut, and managed to lower its Speed with Rock Tomb while the Hakamo-o used Autotomize. I was still faster and used Earthquake, which killed the Hakamo-o but didn’t do much to Kommo-o before it killed me with Sky Uppercut. I went to Dump next, and it used Protect to block my Poison Jab, then it used Clanging Scales, which did less than half my remaining health and undid its Defense boost, but even then my Poison Jab barely got it below half and it called upon its ally Scizor. It used Protect again as Scizor used Metal Claw, then it killed me with another Clanging Scales. I went to Desiigner and used Brick Break, which didn’t quite kill it, but I managed to survive its Sky Uppercut and Scizor only used Leer. I finished off Kommo-o with Brick Break before Scizor finished me with Metal Claw. No matter, because I had Sly Fox finish that one off with Fire Blast for the win.
        MVP: I don’t really have a clear-cut MVP for this one. This was a team effort - Chunky for the Intimidate and lowering Speed, Dump for dealing damage,

        Mother Beast Lusamine: I began with Dump against Clefable. She used Water Sport, while I opened with Minimize. I used another, and she used Metronome (seems like we were speed tied) and used X-Scissor, which missed. Then my Quick Claw triggered, and I got in a third Minimize as she used Metronome and scored Fire Punch…which hit through all three of my Minimizes. The Quick Claw triggered again and got Poison Jab, which did like 70% of her health before she used Metronome and got Dark Pulse, which missed. Then she hit with Moonblast, and I used Acid Armor to buff my Defense a bit. I went first and used Poison Jab, finishing her.
        Milotic was next, to my surprise. I stayed in and used Crunch, which did just under half, before she missed with Hydro Pump. She used Recover, and Crunch did less than half again, but it got the Defense drop, which is good. She missed with Hydro Pump again and I killed her with another Crunch.
        Bewear came in after, the thing I was most afraid of. Despite this thing’s Defense being buffed to the extreme, I stayed in and used Poison Jab for virtually nothing as she used…Pain Split, which took health from her and knocked her to 70% or so and healed me to 8/9. I used Poison Jab again, and she used Pain Split once more, and was healed a bit while I lost a bit. Another Poison Jab poisoned her, as she missed with Take Down. I used another Poison Jab…but her Pain Split healed her and got me below 2/3. Another Poison Jab scored a critical hit and got her into the red…but she hit with Hammer Arm and got me low, just over 1/4. Poisoning finished her off.
        Mismagius came next. Unfortunately, she hit through my Minimizes and killed me with Power Gem. I brought in Scavenger, and she used Mystical Fire, which got a pointless Special Attack drop as I missed with Crunch. I used Sucker Punch, which failed, but she used Pain Split and it healed me. Sucker Punch failed again but her Pain Split did LITERALLY nothing at all. She used Power Gem, and I missed with Crunch. Sucker Punch failed, but her Pain Split healed me. The next turn I FINALLY hit with Sucker Punch, and killed her.
        Lilligant was last. I stayed in, but she used Stun Spore…and I hit through it and used the Z-Move on base of Giga Impact, which slammed her into the next millennium.
        MVP: While Dump killed three of her Pokémon, getting hit twice in a row through +6 evasion was bull****. Scavenger missing twice was not fun either. I guess they both get half and half.

        Final fight against Gladion: I started with Whiff against Crobat, and took 1/3 from Acrobatics while my Power Gem did less than half, and the hail was chipping away at us. Then he used Cross Poison, which scored a critical hit, knocked me to 1/3 AND poisoned me… But I hit through hail with Thunder to finish him.
        Lucario was next, and used Aura Sphere, which killed me. I brought in Sly Fox, and he used Aura Sphere, which BARELY knocked me into Blaze range, allowing me to slam him with Fire Blast (he took hail damage before, but that didn’t matter at all).
        Silvally came after, and he used Multi-Attack and finished me before taking hail damage. I brought in Scavenger and took an X-Scissor for more than half, but got in the Z-Move on base of Giga Impact, which slammed him.
        Weavile was last, and I stayed in and let Scavenger die to an Ice Shar…wait, I lived it with 3 HP? And hit with Giga Impact? Dang, that is very impressive. If it wasn’t obvious, that killed him. Good stuff.
        Again, this isn’t an opponent seriously worthy of an MVP, but it was nice watching Scavenger live that Ice Shard with 3 HP and hit with a 72 accuracy Giga Impact on his last Pokémon when I expected him, or the hail, to just finish me off and have Desiigner do it.

        Final fight against Hau: I started with Sly Fox against Raichu, and he missed with Focus Blast as I OHKO’d with Darkest Lariat.
        Vaporeon was next, and I switched to Whiff for that as his Hydro Pump did like 75% of my health. I got in an extremely light hit with Fake Out as the hail was chipping away at us. I missed with Thunder, and he proceeded to kill me with Hydro Pump. I went to Dump, but he used Baby-Doll Eyes, so my Poison Jab only did 1/4 his health. I got the Quick Claw and knocked him into the red with Crunch, - good thing, too, because he used Charm. I got another Quick Claw, and Crunch finished him.
        Komala came next. I switched to Desiigner, and he used Earthquake, which did slightly less than half, and the hail knocked me just near half. I was faster, and Sky Uppercut killed him.
        Decidueye came last. Crunch got him to 1 HP, and he used the Z-Move, which killed me, but the hail finished him off.
        Again, this isn’t an opponent seriously worthy of declaring an MVP.

        Acerola: I began with Scavenger against Sableye. I used Protect to block her Fake Out, then used Crunch for over half and a Defense drop, but she hit with Confuse Ray. I switched out to Desiigner as she used Confuse Ray again (…), so I switched to Incineroar as she used Shadow Claw. She was faster and used Shadow Claw again, but I killed her with Darkest Lariat.
        Palossand was next. Uh-oh. After a bit of thought, I switched in Whiff as she used Iron Defense - good call. I went for the Dark Pulse…which did less than half, but she only used Iron Defense again. Not wanting her to heal, I used Nasty Plot before she got in Earth Power, which did almost 3/4 my health! Yikes! Thankfully I was able to get in a Dark Pulse…which scored an unneeded critical hit.
        Froslass came after. I stayed in, and she was faster, but missed with Blizzard, allowing me to kill her with Dark Pulse.
        Then we have Dhelmise. I stayed in and used Dark Pulse…which she somehow lived with 1/10 HP, and killed me with Energy Ball. I brought in Desiigner, and got off a pointless Quick Claw because she used the Full Restore, while Crunch did over half. I got another Quick Claw that may or may not have mattered, scoring a critical hit (wouldn’t have mattered last turn either).
        Drifblim came last. I stayed in and used Crunch, which did well over half, as she used Amnesia, which meant nothing as I finished her with Crunch, but not without taking damage from Aftermath.
        Since she was an opponent weak to my type, I don’t think she was an opponent seriously worthy of declaring an MVP.

        Kahili: I started with Sly Fox against Skarmory. She used Slash for not much as I began with Fire Fang, which did over half even without the Charcoal, which is pretty interesting. Then she used Spikes, joy. But another Fire Fang finished her.
        Mandibuzz came afterwards. I stayed in, and she used Flatter, but I hit through it and used Fire Fang, which didn’t do a lot at all, less than 1/4 even. Then she used Brave Bird, but that did not even 1/3 my total health. But I hit myself in confusion and fell below half. I switched to Chunky, got off an Intimidate (after Spikes damage), and her Brave Bird did a quarter of my remaining health. I got in a Rock Tomb, which didn’t do that much (though I was right in not using Stone Edge), but she confused me with Flatter. After a bit of thought, I stayed in and used Stone Edge, and hit through confusion, killing her.
        Toucannon was next. I switched in Desiigner, and she used Screech. She used the Z-Move, which was unnecessary as Beak Blast most likely would’ve killed me from -2 anyway. With the Z-Move no more, I was safe to go back to Chunky, took a bit of Spikes damage, got off an Intimidate, and she heated up her beak, but I hit with Stone Edge for like 2/3 (getting her out of healing range) before Beak Blast got me into the red. She heated up her beak, but Rock Tomb finished her.
        Oricorio was next in line. She finished me off with Air Slash, but no matter. I brought in Whiff, and after some Spikes damage, OHKO’d her with Power Gem.
        Crobat was last up. I stayed in, avoided a Supersonic, and used Power Gem…for less than half, even with the Expert Belt. Gah. Then she hit with Supersonic, and I hit myself for about as much as the Spikes did. Then she went for Air Slash, which did over half my total health! Yikes! And I used Dark Pulse, which unfortunately got her into the red. She healed, and I used Dark Pulse for a little less than 1/3 it looked like. Air Slash killed me. I brought in Sly Fox, and lived her Air Slash with 9 HP even after Spikes damage…only to flinch before she killed me. I brought in Scavenger, and took Spikes damage followed by Air Slash…which did less than half my remaining health, but I got in the Z-Move on base of Giga Impact, which killed her.
        MVP: Tough decision. Both Chunky and Whiff did some good damage, but Scavenger dealt the finishing blow through all that annoyance.

        Olivia: I started with Whiff against Relicanth, and went for Fake Out, which did virtually nothing beyond making her flinch, lol. Then she switched… In came Lycanroc already! Whoa! I hit with Thunder, which did like 1/4 her health, but paralyzed her, which is pretty good. I stayed in and used Dark Pulse, which didn’t even get her below half, as she used the Z-Move, and I took a tad under 2/3 from it. That was why I didn’t switch to Chunky; because I didn’t want him to get hit with the Z-Move. With that out of the way, I switched to Chunky and got off an Intimidate as she went for Stone Edge, which did 1/6 my health. Earthquake killed her.
        Next up was Relicanth again. Anticipating Hydro Pump, I switched to Whiff, but she used Yawn. Thankfully I hit with Thunder again for over half, and she missed with Hydro Pump…but then I fell asleep. Then she switched out AGAIN and brought in Golem. My goodness. Thankfully I woke up from sleep on the second turn, and used Dark Pulse for over 1/4 her health. She used Steamroller…which I managed to survive with 12 HP. Thank you, Fur Coat. I used Dark Pulse again and it got her below half, but she hit with Steamroller and finished me. Feeling bold, I switched to Sly Fox, and used Cross Chop, which failed to finish her off. She used Thunder Punch, which missed because of my Lax Incense. Anticipating her to heal, I switched to Desiigner…and sure enough, she healed. I used the Z-Move on base of Hammer Arm, which…failed to kill her!!! You’ve gotta be kidding me. An effective 180 power super-effective STAB move and it still didn’t kill. Then she used Thunder Punch for a nice chunk of my health. She used ANOTHER Full Restore, and Crunch didn’t do much at all (I didn’t use Hammer Arm because I would’ve been slower)…
        But then she switched out AGAIN!!! Carbink came in, and Hammer Arm did over 1/3. Infuriated, I switched to Dump, as she used Moonblast for not much, but I had the Leftovers. I got in a Brick Break, which didn’t do much, but she used Moonblast and didn’t do much either besides a pointless Special Attack drop. I used Brick Break once more, and she used Reflect, which meant nothing because I shattered it next turn and took another weak Moonblast along with another pointless Special Attack drop. Another Brick Break left her at 1 HP, and I was just above half before Leftovers. Crunch got that thing out of there. My goodness.
        Probopass came after. I stayed in and used Brick Break, which did over half, as she only used Sandstorm, which did negate my Leftovers, though. Another Brick Break killed her.
        Afterwards was that stupid Relicanth again. I stayed in as she used Yawn, while my Brick Break left her with 1 HP. I switched to Scavenger, she missed with Hydro Pump, I used Return and FINALLY that Relicanth was down before the sandstorm subsided.
        Lastly was that Golem again. I switched to Chunky and got off an Intimidate before she used Steamroller for not too much. Earthquake killed her from 70% or so, winning me the battle, and GOOD RIDDANCE. This fight was EXTREMELY annoying.
        MVP: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Dump for handling more than two of her Pokémon with such ease (Carbink and Probopass). Aside from that, between Chunky and Desiigner, I think Chunky did better here.

        Hala: I began with Chunky against Hariyama, and got off an Intimidate. I had an idea here. A crazy one, but an idea nonetheless. I wasted no time in switching to Whiff, who took a Fake Out with ease and gained with Leftovers. I then used Protect to block his Close Combat and was healed to full. I hoped to stall for time and used Dark Pulse, which didn’t do much besides flinching him. I got in another Protect and blocked his Close Combat once more, then used another Dark Pulse for not much. Thanks to the Intimidate and Fur Coat, I lived his Close Combat but took 3/4 from it. I blocked his next one with Protect, then used one more Dark Pulse before he used his last Close Combat, finishing me off. I went back to Chunky and got off another Intimidate. Now to put my plan in motion. I used Bulk Up as he used Knock Off, which did 11 damage but did erase my Leftovers. Then he failed to use Fake Out as I got in another Bulk Up. Same thing for the next four turns, then I was at +6 Attack and Defense. He wasted time trying to use Fake Out again, and I used Earthquake and killed him.
        Crabominable was next, but Earthquake OHKO’d that.
        Primeape was next, and he was faster and used Punishment (why?) for 18 damage, and Earthquake OHKO’d that too.
        Bewear and Poliwrath were both OHKO’d with Earthquake. My strategy worked pretty well.
        MVP: Both Chunky and Whiff. The former for setting up Bulk Up to save the team, and the latter for stalling that Hariyama out of Close Combats (particularly scoring the flinch between the first and second usages of Protect).

        Professor Kukui: As he began the battle with Lycanroc, I opened with Desiigner. He started with Stealth Rock, but I led off with a Hammer Arm, which OHKO’d him. Despite the Speed drop, this was off to a promising start.
        Next thing I knew, Primarina was ready for me. Oh boy. I switched in Whiff, who took Stealth Rock damage and was immediately slammed with Moonblast. I brought in Dump, took Stealth Rock damage, and took a Moonblast…for over half my total health. I got in a Minimize, and he missed with Moonblast next turn while my Poison Jab got him into the red, but then he used the Z-Move and killed me. He didn’t heal, though, which is pretty interesting. From there I went out to Chunky and finished him with Earthquake.
        Ninetales was the next one to enter the field. Not wanting Sly Fox to take two Dazzling Gleams (fearing that that alongside Stealth Rock would kill it before it had the chance to do anything), I brought in Scavenger, and took a Blizzard for just over half my total health. I used Sucker Punch for a little less than 1/3 before he used Dazzling Gleam and killed me. I went to Sly Fox from there, but took 1/4 my HP from Stealth Rock. But he used Safeguard, which let me kill him with Fire Fang.
        Snorlax came out next. I stayed in and used Cross Chop, which did barely less than half, and he used High Horsepower, which did EXACTLY half my total health (and 2/3 my remaining health), and that got me into Blaze range. Hoping he would have Immunity and not Thick Fat, I used Flare Blitz… But he did have Thick Fat it appeared, because he lived, but I survived the recoil damage with 9 HP. Then he used High Horsepower again and missed. Wow. Just wow. I used Cross Chop again, and once again he didn’t heal, which is pretty interesting. I hit and finished him.
        Afterwards was Braviary, which was pretty scary. He killed me with Brave Bird, and I brought in Chunky, allowing me to get off an Intimidate. He began with a Tailwind, and I used Rock Tomb, which did less than half as I expected it to, but my Leftovers healed the Stealth Rock damage. I got in a Crunch, and went first. It knocked him short of the yellow range, but it did lower his Defense before he Whirlwinded me out to Desiigner, who took little from Stealth Rock thanks to resisting Rock. I switched back out to Chunky, took small Stealth Rock damage, got in another Intimidate, and then he actually healed with the Full Restore before my Leftovers healed the Stealth Rock damage. I used Rock Tomb again, which did over half and got him to -2 Speed before he Whirlwinded me back out to Desiigner. Unsure of whether to stay in despite him being at -2 Attack AND Speed, I switched back to Chunky, got in a third Intimidate and then took a Brave Bird for just under 1/4 my total health. That allowed me to kill him with Crunch.
        Finally, he came to Magnezone last. After spending a bit of time contemplating whether to stay in and use Rock Tomb and risk missing, or switch to Desiigner (to use Bullet Punch and break his Sturdy) and risk taking a massive hit and being killed… I went with the former. I stayed in and used Rock Tomb,
        MVP: Chunky, for sure. Getting Rock Tomb and those Intimidates against Braviary made it far more manageable, not to mention being fast enough to finish off Primarina and taking care of Magnezone right at the end. Dump deserves credit too for getting that Primarina low on health, because otherwise it could’ve dealt big damage. While I had Desiigner, the only notable thing he did was OHKO Lycanroc with Hammer Arm. All he did after that was get switched in with Whirlwind. But Sly Fox was pretty helpful too in killing both Ninetales and Snorlax, even though the only reason he did was because of weird AI.

        Tapu Koko was easy. Chunky OHKO’d it with Earthquake.

        The final team:
        Incineroar (M) "Sly Fox", Level 56
        Nature: Careful
        Obtained at: Iki Town
        Stats: 184, 159, 130, 102, 140, 92
        Moves: Cross Chop, Darkest Lariat, Fire Fang, Flare Blitz

        Raticate (M) "Scavenger", Level 56
        Nature: Careful
        Ability: Hustle
        Obtained at: Route 1
        Stats: 164, 117, 106, 65, 123, 120
        Moves: Crunch, Giga Impact, Return, Sucker Punch

        Persian (M) "Whiff", Level 55
        Nature: Docile
        Ability: Fur Coat
        Obtained at: Route 1
        Stats: 155, 100, 96, 105, 89, 159
        Moves: Dark Pulse, Fake Out, Power Gem, Protect

        Muk (F) "Dump", Level 56
        Nature: Naughty
        Ability: Gluttony
        Obtained at: Route 1
        Stats: 203, 162, 106, 99, 119, 82
        Moves: Acid Armor, Minimize, Poison Jab, Rest

        Pangoro (M) "Desiigner", Level 57
        Nature: Jolly
        Ability: Mold Breaker
        Obtained at: Route 11
        Stats: 184, 173, 111, 90, 93, 112
        Moves: Bullet Punch, Crunch, Hammer Arm, Parting Shot

        Krookodile (M) "Chunky", Level 58 (was 57 upon beating Kukui)
        Nature: Careful
        Ability: Intimidate
        Obtained at: Haina Desert
        Stats: 199, 174, 128, 82, 107, 140
        Moves: Bulk Up, Crunch, Earthquake, Rock Tomb
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          I'd love to join this, and the title of this challenge seems pretty straight forward, but honestly the first rule confuses me. I'm probably missing something super obvious, but what does "Your final team must consist of at least 2 Elite Four-viable Pokémon who share the type you specified in your sign up." mean?

          What pokemon wouldn't be considered viable? This confuses me, because I would assume at that point your entire team is made up of elite four viable pokemon of your specified type.

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          Game(s): Leaf Green, Heart Gold, Emerald, Platinum, White, Y.

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            Originally Posted by kitarei View Post
            I'd love to join this, and the title of this challenge seems pretty straight forward, but honestly the first rule confuses me. I'm probably missing something super obvious, but what does "Your final team must consist of at least 2 Elite Four-viable Pokémon who share the type you specified in your sign up." mean?

            What pokemon wouldn't be considered viable? This confuses me, because I would assume at that point your entire team is made up of elite four viable pokemon of your specified type.
            This rule is there to prevent people from using a single Pokemon the entire game. So it's basically saying just to have at least two Pokemon that can fight the Elite Four.
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              Originally Posted by Volga View Post
              This rule is there to prevent people from using a single Pokemon the entire game. So it's basically saying just to have at least two Pokemon that can fight the Elite Four.
              I feels so silly for misunderstanding that! I suppose because I would always try to flesh my team out as much as possible, the thought didn't cross my mind.

              Cheers for the clarification! :)

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                Ultimate Fighting White Update

                Haven't been able to update in a while due to school. The most important things that happened are as followed.

                - I caught a Scraggy and nicknamed her Ronda. This should help me deal with those pesky psychic types!
                - I beat Burgh without any major issues and got the Insect Badge.
                - Dakim evolved into Gurdurr who I then traded in order to evolve him into Conkeldurr.
                - I faced of against N in Nimbasa City. The only problem I faced here was his Sigilyph that took down half my team. Luckily Teddy saved the day.
                - After having a repeat of the experience above with Elesa and her Aerial Ace Emolga, I managed to secure my victory and the Bolt Badge.
                - Compared to Elesa, the battle against Clay went smoothly and I nabbed an easy Quake Badge.
                - Finally I managed to defeat Bianca and got HM02 Fly.

                Current team:

                Danger Pig the Timid Pignite Lv.31
                Arm Thrust | Heat Crash | Flame Charge | Take Down

                Dakim the Quirky Conkeldurr Lv. 31
                Sheer Force
                Wake-Up Slap | Rock Tomb | Chip Away | Bulk Up

                Teddy the Quiet Throh Lv. 31
                Inner Focus
                Storm Throw | Work Up | Body Slam | Dig

                Ronda the Naive Scraggy Lv. 31
                Shed Skin
                Hi Jump Kick | Payback | Chip Away | Swagger
                Current challenge(s):

                Challenge type: Ultimate
                Pokémon type: Fighting
                Game(s): Firered, Soulsilver, Sapphire, Pearl, White, Y
                Current progress: Firered 8/8, Soulsilver 16/16, Sapphire 8/8, Pearl 8/8, White 8/8, Y 1/8
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                  I know its been a while for me but I'm not really feeling my fighting challenge right now, I will finish it but I right now I'm not sure I can. I am starting another ultimate challenge though which I will be using rock and I will again start with yellow. Wish me luck.

                  Challenge type: Ultimate
                  Pokemon Type: Rock
                  Game(s): Yellow, Soulsilver, Alpha Sapphire, Platinum, White 2, Y, Moon
                  Current Progress: Yellow 0/8, Soulsilver 0/8, Alpha Sapphire 0/8, Platinum 0/8, White 2 0/8, Y 0/8, Moon 0/18
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                    Pokemon Type: Ground
                    Challenge Mode: Single
                    Game: Omega Ruby

                    Quick question before I get too far into this. Since I'm using Omega Ruby, will I be able to use Pokemon found on mirage spots once they become available, or can I only use Pokemon that are officially in the Hoenn Pokedex?

                    With that out of the way, update time!

                    Adventure Log 1:
                    - Started a new game and named my character "Landon" for the obligatory name pun.
                    - Saved Professor Birch from a Poochyena with Mudkip, which I later nicknamed Kipper.
                    - Battled May on Route 103 and defeated rather easily. I then followed May back to Littleroot Town and obtained the Pokedex.
                    - Caught the Poochyena in the sneaking tutorial, but boxed it immediately afterword.

                    - Battled my way through Route 102, and arrived in Petalburg City. I talked with Norman at the Gym, then watched Wally do the catching tutorial. Once we got back to the Gym, I said goodbye to dad and Wally and made my way to Route 104. I battled the rich kid on the route and gave a small boy a Potion to heal his Pokemon. I then went into Petalburg Woods, and tried to avoid the trainers there and on the other end of Route 104, since I didn't want Kipper to be too over-leveled. I also stopped by the flower shop to pick up the Wailmer Pail, since I plan to grow a lot of berries during this run.

                    - I basically ignored Rustboro City and went out to 116 to catch a Nincada. I don't plan on actually using this, i just feel more comfortable having more than one Pokemon on my team. Once i returned to Rustboro, I took on Roxanne's Gym, where Kipper sweeped house. He didn't even take any damage from the Gym Trainers. Roxanne herself was an easy battle too, though i did have to use a potion. After getting the Stone Badge, I went to the Pokemon Center and saved, ending this session.

                    I like to take my time with games, so I'm going to limit myself to getting only one Badge at most per day. I may play some more later today though.

                    Current Team:
                    Mudkip (Kipper) Lv. 14
                    - Tackle
                    - Growl
                    - Waer Gun
                    - Mudslap

                    Nincada Lv. 8
                    - Scratch
                    - Harden
                    - Leech Life
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                      Ultimate Fighting White Update

                      Progress Report:

                      - Trekked through Chargestone Cave, battling Team Plasma along the way.
                      - Reached Mistralton City.
                      - Climbed the Celestial Tower and rang the bell.
                      - Traveled back to Mistralton City and taught the newly evolved Danger Pig Hammer Arm at the Move Relearner.
                      - Defeated Skyla and got the Jet Badge.
                      - Hiked through Twist Mountain.
                      - Arrived at Icirrus City.
                      - Caught a Mienfoo just north of the city and named her "Sophie".
                      - Defeated Brycen and acquired the Freeze Badge.
                      - Climbed to the top of Dragonspiral Tower and witnessed the rebirth of Reshiram.

                      Current Team:

                      Danger Pig the Timid Emboar Lv. 42
                      Hammer Arm | Heat Crash | Fire Blast | Assurance

                      Dakim the Quirky Conkeldurr Lv. 42
                      Sheer Force
                      Brick Break | Rock Slide | Bulldoze | Bulk Up

                      Teddy the Quiet Throh Lv. 42
                      Inner Focus
                      Storm Throw | Bulk Up | Body Slam | Dig

                      Ronda the Naive Scrafty Lv. 44
                      Shed Skin
                      Hi Jump Kick | Crunch | Chip Away | Swagger

                      Sophie the Naughty Mienfoo Lv. 42
                      Drain Punch | U-turn | Jump Kick | Acrobatics
                      Current challenge(s):

                      Challenge type: Ultimate
                      Pokémon type: Fighting
                      Game(s): Firered, Soulsilver, Sapphire, Pearl, White, Y
                      Current progress: Firered 8/8, Soulsilver 16/16, Sapphire 8/8, Pearl 8/8, White 8/8, Y 1/8
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                        Pokemon Type: Water
                        Challenge Mode: Single
                        Game: Ruby

                        (And I'm going to be doing this without using any non-water-type HM slaves.)
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                          Water challenge in Ruby

                          Progress Update 1:
                          -Start new game, choose the female trainer, name myself Calen
                          -Choose Mudkip as my starter, save the professor, go back to the lab to be officially gifted my Mudkip, name him Puddle
                          -Grind Puddle up to level 10 so he learns mud-slap and water gun, then go on to route 103 to have my first battle with Brendan
                          -1st rival battle: 2HKO Brendan's Treecko with tackle
                          -Go back to Littleroot to get Pokedex and Pokeballs and Running Shoes
                          -Catch a Wingull on route 103, name her Mona
                          -Grind Mona to level 13 so she learns Wing Attack
                          -Go on to route 102, defeat the trainers and collect the items super quickly, then spend forever searching for a Surskit (Puddle reaches level 16 and evolves into Marshtomp while I'm at it)
                          -Catch a Surskit, name her Amelia
                          -Mona gets me through Petalburg Woods no problem
                          -Go on to Rustboro City and take Puddle to the gym. Water gun OHKOs every one of the Geodudes. Probably could have two-shot Roxanne's Nosepass with it, but just to be obnoxious I decide instead to slowly mud-slap it into submission. Roxanne heals it twice while I chip away its health and accuracy, Puddle tanks every hit it manages to land and still has is still at half HP when Nosepass goes down. Stone Badge acquired!
                          -Take care of Rusturf Tunnel and accept the Devon Goods quest, go find Mr. Briney and sail to Dewford
                          -Get the Old Rod, catch a Tentacool, name her Squishy
                          -Teach Squishy to cut
                          -Take Mona to the Dewford Gym, spam wing attack on everything, acquire Knuckle Badge.
                          -Enter Granite Cave, get flash TM, teach Amelia to flash
                          -Puddle gets me through Granite Cave no problem, Mona helps out by taking down a few Makuhita, on to Slateport we go
                          -Head towards Mauville, meet Brendan on route 110, rival battle #2.
                          Water gun from Puddle OHKOs Numel. Wing attack from Mona OHKOs Grovyle. I'm a little worried about Wailmer because I don't have any moves that are very good against other water types yet. I've forgotten that Wailmer is lacking in defensive bulk; it only takes a few tackles from Puddle to KO him. Make a quick trip back to Slateport to heal up and go on my merry way.
                          -Arrive in Mauville, take on Wally no problem, prepare for the gym. I'm a little worried about this one since I've been through it with a Marshtomp before and found it a tough fight. Regret my shortsighted decision not to let Puddle learn mud shot; I don't want it in his final moveset but he's got space for it now and it would have been real useful at this point in the game. Decide to train Puddle up a bit more on route 110's abundant electric types. Grind him up to level 30 (accruing a bunch speed EVs along the way, yay).
                          -Take on Mauville Gym. Realize I've over-prepared Puddle for this, as his mud-slap is one-shotting things left and right. Mona takes down the battle girl's Meditite and Puddle takes care of the rest of the gym trainers' Pokemon. Heal up for sake of replenishing PP, then return to face Wattson. Magnemite gets OHKO'd. Voltorb takes a few rounds to go down (and Wattson heals it once or twice) but eventually succumbs to the mud slaps without getting off anything too damaging to Puddle. Magneton gets OHKO'd. Dynamo Badge acquired.
                          -Teach Mona shock wave from my newly acquired TM to make dealing with water types easier in the future. Run around route 117 looking for a Marill, and evolve Mona into Pelipper in the process.
                          -Catch a Marill. Name him Azza. Teach Azza and Puddle to rock smash.
                          -Went to Verdanturf, cleared out the tunnel, grabbed some items in the Rustboro area that I wasn't able to get before, and grinded Azza to level 32 (and evolved him into Azumarill along the way) to be comparable with the others. (Develop an undying hatred for Roselia's poison point ability in the process)
                          -Continue on to Fallarbor Town. Puddle and Mona continue to be rock stars. While battling wild Pokemon in the ash-covered grass, Puddle evolves into Swampert. I'm a little annoyed because I meant to wait till he learned Earthquake to evolve him, but oh well, he'll just learn it a bit later.
                          -Continue on through Meteor Falls back to Rustboro and on to Lavaridge, more of the same
                          -Head to the Lavaridge Gym, this should be fun. Mona solos the gym like a champ; water gun is a OHKO on every one of the kindlers' and Flannery's fire types, wing attack is a OHKO on the battle girl's Meditite, and the cooltrainer's Kecleon is probably the most fun; Mona hits it with water gun and takes its HP down by probably 1/3, it turns into a water type, and Mona hits it with shock wave for the KO. Heat Badge acquired!
                          -Puddle leads a quick expedition through the desert, then I loop back through Fallarbor (where I return the meteorite to Prof Cozmo) and Rustboro and finally to Petalburg
                          -Petalburg Gym is definitely the hardest yet. Puddle spams rock smash left and right, with a few water guns thrown in, and is able to 2HKO most of the gym trainers' Pokemon. I leave to heal between rooms and come back three times (more for the sake of healing PP than health though I certainly need some of both) because I want fight all the gym trainers for exp. I get to Norman. Puddle takes down the first Slaking in a few rock smashes but it gets in a yawn just before it goes down and Vigoroth gets significant damage in on Puddle while I'm waking him up. A few more rock smashes from Puddle KO Vigoroth, but Puddle is down most of his health so I switch in Mona to deal with the second Slaking. Four wing attacks from Mona and Slaking is down. Balance Badge acquired!
                          -Time to learn to surf and do some side quests. Headed back to Slateport, surfed to the abandoned ship and retrieved the Ice Beam TM. Returned to Mauville, obtained the Good Rod on route 118 and went fishing.
                          -Caught a Carvanha, named him Megalodon, taught him to surf. Grinded Megalodon up to level 36 and evolved him to Sharpedo in the process.
                          -Mona caught Pokerus! Pokerus spread to rest of party, I semi-permanently boxed Amelia to be a vector.
                          -Took Megalodon to the move relearner in Fallarbor to learn to bite. While in the area, went fishing on route 114.
                          -Caught a Barboach, named him Barbossa. Grinded Barbossa to level 31. Barbossa learned earthquake. Barbossa evolved into Whiscash.
                          -Might as well go to New Mauville while I'm here. Barbossa spams magnitude and a few earthquakes and takes on everything in New Mauville no problem. Done with side quests, time to continue on my journey

                          Current party:
                          Mona the Pelipper (f) - lvl 43
                          Keen Eye / Quiet nature
                          Water gun, wing attack, shock wave, surf

                          Puddle the Swampert (m) @ Soft Sand - lvl 43
                          Torrent / Timid nature
                          Water gun, mud-slap, rock smash, mud shot

                          Barbossa the Whiscash (m) - lvl 37
                          Oblivious / Quirky nature
                          Water gun, magnitude, surf, earthquake

                          Squishy the Tentacool (f) - lvl 7
                          Clear Body / Adamant nature
                          Poison sting, supersonic, cut

                          Azza the Azumarill (m) - lvl 32
                          Huge Power / Impish nature
                          Rollout, strength, rock smash, bubblebeam

                          Megalodon the Sharpedo (m) - lvl 36
                          Rough Skin / Brave nature
                          Slash, surf, bite, crunch

                          And in the box:
                          Amelia the Surskit (f) - lvl 3
                          Swift Swim / Jolly nature
                          Bubble, flash


                          Progress Update 2 - Challenge Completed:
                          -Head up route 119, clear the Weather Institute, accept the Castform for the Mystic Water he's holding then permanently box him
                          -Rival battle #3, Mona uses water gun on Numel, shock wave on Wailmer, and wing attack on Grovyle, OHKOs them all without even having to exert herself
                          -On to Fortree City and the flying gym. I'm a little worried about Winona's Altaria, which is why I made a point of getting the ice beam TM early, but if I teach it now then I won't be able to use it on my ice type when I get one. Decide to go ahead and try the gym without teaching anyone ice beam. Mona's shock wave OHKOs every one of the gym trainers' Pokemon and Winona's first three. Winona brings out Altaria, I bring out Megalodon. Megalodon uses crunch a few times, Altaria's health is in the red and one more crunch would definitely bring it down, but Megalodon is in the red too, Winona fully heals Altaria, I heal Megalodon with a soda pop and get his health back to about 75%, two more crunches and Altaria goes down. Feather Badge acquired!
                          -Cross routes 120 and 121, go on into Lilycove City to heal up and decide I might as well battle Brendan while I'm at it
                          -Rival battle #4 is just as easy as #3, and goes down pretty much exactly the same, with the addition of a Swellow for Mona to one-shot with shock wave
                          -On to Mt. Pyre. Megalodon is MVP here and on the surrounding routes with all the ghosts around. Back to Slateport and then Lilycove to deal with Team Magma
                          -Mona takes down Team Magma singlehandedly. On to Mossdeep City
                          -Head to Mossdeep Gym first thing, Megalodon OHKOs all the gym trainers' Pokemon with bite and doesn't even need to use crunch. Get to the double battle with the gym leaders and send out Mona as Megalodon's ally, Mona and Meg both use surf and it's all over before Solrock or Lunatone and get a single hit in. Mind Badge acquired!
                          -Get dive HM and good rod, time to recruit some new party members
                          -Catch a Wailmer, name her Wailady, teach her to dive
                          -Explore Shoal Cave, catch a Spheal, name her Selkie, teach her to dive and ice beam
                          -Go exploring underwater, catch a Chinchou, name her Lumi, teach her to surf and flash and thunderbolt
                          -While I'm down there, catch a Relicanth (for the Regi quest) and name him Rocky
                          -Box Squishy and Azza, add Selkie and Lumi to my party
                          -Grind Selkie to level 46, evolving her to Sealeo and then to Walrein along the way. Grind Wailady to level 40 to evolve her into Wailord. While I'm training them in the desert, come across a shiny Trapinch. Catch it, because one does not simply not catch shinies, and permanently box it
                          -Explore a bunch of water routes to level Lumi, evolving her into Lanturn while I'm at it
                          -Mona solos Seafloor Cavern cause she's just that awesome. Groudon awakens and runs off, so it's time to head to Sootopolis
                          -Lumi leads the way through the Cave of Origin until we reach the deepest chamber, then Wailady is up front to deal with Groudon. Wailady uses rain dance to replace the harsh sunlight, then gets in one surf to take out much of its health before going doing. Puddle steps up, uses surf, and the legendary is down
                          -Time for Sootopolis Gym. Mona OHKOs the one gym trainer's Lombre with wing attack and Wallace's Whiscash with surf (which is when I real is just how overleveled she currently is), while Lumi spams spark and thunderbolt and takes out everything else in the gym in one or two shots. Rain Badge acquired!
                          -Explore the remaining water routes, with Lumi getting overleveled to the same extent as Mona in the process. Temporarily retrieve Azza, Rocky, and Wailady and go to the Sealed Chamber, then go find the Regis. Puddle 2HKOs Regice with brick break (and finally learns earthquake) and OHKOs Regirock with Surf and Registeel with earthquake
                          -Run around the map for a bit picking up items and fighting trainers that I couldn't get to my first time through those areas. Play puzzles in the trick house till I get a magnet for Lumi. Grind Selkie and Megalodon for a while in the back rooms at Meteor Falls since my party is horribly unevenly leveled at this point (Mona and Lumi at level 60, Puddle at level 52, and Selkie and Meg in the mid-40s). Surf from Mossdeep to Ever Grande, grind Puddle for a bit just inside the entrance to Victory Road, and finally embark on Victory Road for real when everybody's clustered around level 60.
                          -Mona takes on all the wild encounters on Victory Road (and gets through the whole thing without needing any healing items, go Mona) while I split up the trainer battles among the rest of the team
                          -Battle with Wally, finally a (pseudo-)rival battle that's worth the diversity of my team. Selkie ice beams Altaria and Roselia, Puddle uses brick break on Delcatty and earthquake on Magneton, and Meg crunches Gardevoir, taking them all down in one shot. On to the Elite Four
                          -My lack of strong fighters makes me a bit worried about Sidney. Sharpedo I can take down with Lumi's thunderbolt, and Cacturne and Shiftry with Selkie's ice beam, so those four go down in one shot, but Puddle's brick break is the best I've got for Mightyena and Absol. Absol goes down in one hit, to my surprise, but Mightyena's intimidate means he takes two shots. Puddle tanks the one hit Mightyena gets in on him like a champ, with enough health remaining that I decide it's not worth using a healing item on him after the battle.
                          -Megalodon takes on Pheobe's ghosts. The first Dusclops and the two Banette fall to crunch no problem, but Sableye of course doesn't take super-effective damage, survives the first hit, and hits Meg with attract. I curse myself, because this is exactly why I prefer to have female Pokemon on my team and I wish I'd made a point of catching only females as I often do. Meg uses crunch again, but Pheobe heals Sableye so it's back to the same fraction of HP that it was. Sableye uses shadow ball while Meg is stuck doing nothing the next turn. The turn after that Meg finally takes Sableye down with another crunch. Then there's the second Dusclops. It also survives Meg's first crunch and hits him with earthquake, taking out about half his health. I accurately predict that Pheobe is going use a full restore and use the next turn to use a hyper potion on Meg. Meg crunches again and Dusclops hits Meg with confuse ray. On the next turn, Meg survives hurting himself in confusion and another earthquake from Dusclops, but subsequently hurts himself in confusion a second time in a row and takes himself out. Puddle steps in, and is able to finish Dusclops off with an earthquake.
                          -Glacia is another one I split up among my team. Puddle uses brick break on the first Glalie, Glalie sets up hail, Puddle uses brick break again and takes it down. Glacia brings in Sealeo, I bring in Lumi, I accidentally tell Lumi to use surf, Sealeo uses body slam, Lumi thankfully does not get paralyzed and finishes Sealeo off with thunderbolt on the next turn. Lumi takes down the second Sealeo with thunderbolt. The hailstorm ends. I bring Puddle back to deal with the second Glalie, Puddle uses brick break, Glalie uses hail again, Puddle takes Glalie down with a second brick break. Lumi uses thunderbolt on Walrein, it survives the first shot because it's a tank, its sitrus berry kicks in and restores a little bit of its health so Glacia doesn't restore it all, and Lumi takes it down with a second thunderbolt.
                          -Drake is easy. Selkie has to tank a few dragon claws and dragonbreaths because she's slow, and takes two tries to get a hit in on the first Flygon because it uses sand-attack, but once they connect she takes every one of the dragons down in one ice beam.
                          -Lumi takes down Steven's Skarmory with a single thunderbolt. Aggron goes down to a single surf from Mona. Claydol survives one surf from Megalodon, sets up a light screen, then succumbs to the second surf anyway. Cradily takes an ice beam from Selkie and gets off a confuse ray. Selkie is not deterred by the confusion and takes Cradily down with a second ice beam. Light screen wears off, I hadn't realized it was still active. Mona hasn't gotten to play much, so I let her have at Armaldo and she takes it down with a single surf. Metagross gives me more trouble. Megalodon can't crunch away its health fast enough and goes down to an earthquake and a meteor mash while Steven heals Metagross back to full health, but Puddle manages to take it down with two earthquakes.

                          My team:
                          Hall of Famers:
                          Mona the Pelipper (f) @ Mystic Water - lvl 63
                          Keen Eye / Quiet nature
                          Surf, wing attack, shock wave, fly

                          Puddle the Swampert (m) @ Shell Bell - lvl 61
                          Torrent / Timid nature
                          Surf, earthquake, brick break, strength

                          Megalodon the Sharpedo (m) @ Blackglasses - lvl 58
                          Rough Skin / Brave nature
                          Rock smash, surf, bite, crunch

                          Selkie the Walrein (f) @ Nevermeltice - lvl 64
                          Thick Fat / Relaxed nature
                          Aurora beam, ice beam, dive, waterfall

                          Lumi the Lanturn (f) @ Magnet - lvl 61
                          Volt Absorb / hasty nature
                          Spark, surf, thunderbolt, flash

                          Barbossa the Whiscash (m) @ Soft Sand - lvl 37
                          (who was along for the ride since I had an open slot in the party, but might as well have been in the box)

                          And in the box:
                          Amelia the Surskit (f) - lvl 3 (Flash buddy)
                          Squishy the Tentacool (f) - lvl 7 (Cut buddy)
                          Azza the Azumarill (m) - lvl 32 (dig buddy, thought he'd useful for physical moves, ended up mostly being dead weight)
                          Rocky the Relicanth (m) - lvl 30 (used to get into the Sealed Chamber
                          Wailady the Wailord (f) - lvl 40 (used to get into the sealed chamber, rain dancer, and dive buddy until I caught Selkie)

                          Final Thoughts:
                          -This was lots of fun, will definitely be doing more such challenges.
                          -Mona was hands-down MVP of the game. I enjoyed using her so much I might just do a flying run next.
                          -Azza was not worth the training I put in to him. Barbossa was decent but failed to find a niche on the team. I would have been better off not training either of them.
                          -This was my first time training a Sharpedo, I wish they weren't quite so pitiful at taking hits but overall enjoyed. (Poor Megalodon, the Elite Four was kind of awful to him.)
                          -Puddle and Selkie and Lumi all come from species I've used before, and my love for them continues. (Though I'll probably make sure not to get a Spheal with an extra-slow nature next time.)
                          -Hardest thing in the game: not having a good fighting type. Still a fairly easy challenge overall, though
                          -What I missed most actually came from my self-imposed rule of no off-type HM slaves. It made me really sad not to have a Zigzagoon, because Pickup is just that useful
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                          An error
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                            Username: Bad Egg
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                            Challenge Mode: Single
                            Game: Leaf Green

                            Okay, progress check (nobody cares about) Badges - 2/8
                            Started game, chose Squirtle for starter to make fight against Blue easier.
                            After obtaining pokeballs, caught first Pidgey I saw.
                            Released Squirtle
                            Replaced Pidgey with Pidgery with better stats
                            Farmed levels until I get Gust
                            Defeated all trainers in Viridian Forest
                            More farmng
                            Defeated Brock with spamming Sand Attack.
                            Evolved Pidgey into Pidgeotto.
                            Caught Spearow nearby Mt. Moon
                            Bought Magikarp
                            Caught Zubat
                            HELIX FOSSIL
                            Got S S Ticket
                            Got HM 01
                            Traded Spearow for Farfetch'd
                            Evolved Magikarp to Gyarados.
                            Defeated Misty with my overpowered Pidgeotto.

                            Pidgeotto Lv 30
                            Gyarados Lv 22
                            Farfetch'd Lv 18
                            Zubat Lv 9
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                              Starting a new one.

                              Username: calenlily
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                              Challenge mode: Single
                              Game: Red

                              Debated for a while over whether to play Red or FireRed, ultimately the temptation of getting to play with a first gen Gyarados again won out. Though I may well do this one in FireRed too at some point
                              Current challenges

                              Completed challenges
                              Single monotype: Water (Ruby), Flying (Red)
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                              Alright, the OP is up to date as far as I can tell.

                              I will be having this thread locked tomorrow evening, so if you have any issue with your entry in the OP then now is the time to say so!

                              I have omitted any challenges for Sun and Moon that are not complete, since they don't particularly apply to the rules of this thread. A new version which includes Sun and Moon in the requirements of Ultimate will be posted by Volga, who will be taking over the challenge in my stead. Thank you so much for putting up with me these last few years. It's been quite the journey getting here, and it's not easy to let this thread go, for sure. But I gotta move on some time, there are other things to experience and hobbies to try. I will definitely be continuing to play Challenges, and fully intend to finish my Ultimate Bug Monotypes in due time (God I can't believe I started that thing in 2012).
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