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It's been a year since the last update, but now Red★ and Blue★ have some new features!
  • Use Space World graphics for Surfing, trading, and party icons
  • Align sprites with tiles on the overworld and Town Map
  • Use R/B sprites for a few Pokémon to match their Space World back sprites: Spearow, Persian, Shellder, Magneton, Gastly, and Gengar
  • Use SteppoBlazer's old man back sprite

So, Crazy Primeape Lady, the answer to your question is now "yes". ;) Except for cases like Venomoth and Ditto: when the R/B sprite technically matches the back sprite better, but the Space World front sprite was not carried over to G/S/C, then I kept it anyway for the novelty.

Check out the top post for patch download links!
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