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Battle of the bugs (Butterfree vs Beedrill)

Started by PageEmperor September 23rd, 2019 6:07 AM
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Which bug do you prefer?

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Posted 2 Hours Ago
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I know the title is lame compared to some of the other threads here but the main point here is the question.

For me, I actually do like both of them very much, though it has constantly changed between which one I prefer. Most of the time in the past though, I liked both equally. In like ‘17 or so, I kinda lost respect for Butterfree because I forgot, probably because I was starting to get into much better alternatives to it and whatnot or maybe some other reason. But I can safely say that 2 years later, as of now, Butterfree is the one that I prefer. Compound eyes Sleep powder is just too convenient, Psychic coverage is good too and overall it is just reliable to have especially early on. Not that the other one is bad though, it is good too. Both bugs can be useful if used right.

So who do you guys prefer?


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The netherlands
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Posted 2 Weeks Ago
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I really like both, but in the end, I think I do like Butterfree better. It's quite pretty, and I do have a fear of bees in real life which kind of does drag Beedrill down for me (even though that fear doesn't usually translate into video games)


Laverre City
Seen 2 Days Ago
Posted 2 Days Ago
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Nuh-uh, Butterfree is bae.


magical leaf

the dream world
Seen 49 Minutes Ago
Posted 8 Hours Ago
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14.6 Years
Beedrill has more of my respect because of Pokemon Masters, but i like Butterfree more, so it gets my vote. :>


New Horizons
Seen 12 Hours Ago
Posted 6 Days Ago
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9.9 Years
Butterfree >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Beedrill

Beedrill is trash and didn't deserve to get a mega evolution. But maybe they felt the only way people would care about it is if they gave it a "cool" new form, while not tainting the perfection that is Butterfree.


Age 18
Seen 8 Hours Ago
Posted 1 Day Ago
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Butterfree is queen! Such a gorgeous pokemon indeed, it is far superior to Beedrill in every way.


Age 24
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Posted 6 Hours Ago
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I've always had a soft spot for Butterfree. I found the Weedle line a bit annoying because of Poison Sting, and while Butterfree learns Poison Powder, I find myself already well-prepared for status ailments at the point when I do encounter such. Also, Ash's Butterfree is iconic! Not to mention I have used Butterfree in certain runs when I pick Charmander or only have Pikachu, in RBY. Confusion is a great move against Brock, who used to carry zero Rock-type moves in Gen 1 iirc.

So yeah, Butterfree gets my vote. I hope it gets some love like Beedrill did with its Mega.


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Posted 2 Weeks Ago
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Butterfree! I love Beedrill too especially after using one for most of my Silver Run as he was a placement holder until I got another member of my team but Butterfree has always been a favorite of mine so it'll be getting my vote!



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Posted 2 Days Ago
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Beedrill because I love Beedrill he's the reason why I'm here to die?
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Posted 23 Hours Ago
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While I do like both quite a bit, Butterfree does edge it out for me just because it has a bit more type coverage and I like its design better. And especially given the recent news, well I just like Butterfree even better. Sorry Beedrill, I like you and your mega, but not more than Butterfree.

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